14 Best Budget Travel Tips Every Passionate Wanderer Should Know

14 Best Budget Travel Tips Every Passionate Wanderer Should Know

“Don’t listen to what they say, go and see”

  – Anonymous

Who loves traveling? Everybody. Who loves to explore new places and appreciate Nature the way it is? Everybody. Who loves to travel on a budget? EVERYBODY! I don’t know if you can feel the same, but just imagine, you are going out to explore the world. No connection with the internet, just you and yourself. The best feeling that you can get of your existence. This blog goes out to all the amazing people with a passion to travel and explore. All those who like to travel but on a tight budget (because why not… life happens), then you are reading the right post. Yes, this article advises you about budget travel tips.

If you like the journey more than the comfort of the AC trains and AC rooms, then this blog is the right place for you to learn some budget travel tips and tricks. The satisfaction that one gets after organizing the whole trip and completing it. For a budget trip, it does not always mean the expenses would be the lowest. We shall be just focusing on putting on some budget adjustments.

So let’s go…

The first and foremost thing which one should do is to look for the perfect destination. By perfect definitions, I mean to point out the following:

1. Choose low-peak season: 

You should always try to travel during the low-peak season. By this, the places where you are staying shall charge a little less than the usual. If you are traveling internationally, then look for pocket-friendly airlines.

2.  Book tickets in advance:

Start applying for tickets months in advance. If you look for tickets a week prior, the cost rises. So that should be a total no-no.

3. Lodging:

Another important thing to remember is the place of lodging. Look for homestays or hostels to stay in for the nights. If you are a travel enthusiast or a travel vlogger, lodging should be the least of your concerns. You save a lot with this tip.

4. Research about places:

Apart from these you should do your research well before traveling. Take a notebook and a pen and start noting down the local places to visit. There are numerous bloggers all over the net. They can help you with the local taxi fare, the mode of conveyance, and many more. Take a tour travel line plan as a skeleton to the presentation of your next meeting.

5. Understanding local areas:

Have a thorough knowledge of all local areas to dine with small pocket-friendly bars. Google maps shall always be one phone click away. The locals are quite friendly with tourists. Half of the city will be seen by you with the guidance of the locals.

6. Manage packing:

The last necessary step before we head on to the journey is the mode of packing. And it matters! Doesn’t matter if you are heavy or a light packer, take a single rucksack. Too much luggage, too much chaos. Plus point is that it has many pockets.

So now we are done with the tips before your journey begins. Now you reach your destination. Your place of lodging is fixed. You head to your room tired but excited for the adventure to begin. You can lodge at one place permanently or lodge at different homestays and inns. That depends on the place you are visiting next.

7. Choose the right transport:

While traveling, use a public mode of transport. Do not hire a separate car. They charge 10 times more than public transport. Since you have researched well, you know the money charged. To all the First time travelers, it is okay if something does not go as planned. Travelling makes a man perfect and confident.

8. Get healthy food:

Explore your taste buds as well. no, do not eat out in rich and tourist-attracted areas. Avoid them as much as you can. Go where the local crowd is headed too. Since you have saved much money from lodging, eat your heart out. A  foodie can highly relate to this line. Explore the local food. It will be well worth your time, believe me.

9. Interact with strangers:

Even if you are traveling during the low peak season, try to find new friends. You might be best friends with another traveler. Travelling isn’t just a passion for some. Personally speaking, it is a way to knock out your dormant communication skills.

10. Try local vehicles:

Go for local hire and ride vehicles. If you know how to cycle or a scooter many cities and the outskirts have this facility. The costs are less.

11. Go on a local spree:

Every city has some sort of a flea market. Visit those. Prices are half of those at the malls. Malls are there in your city too. Why travel so much to just sit in a mall.

12. Visit local café:

Always look for happy hours that are there in any pub or café that you visit.

13. Free tours:

Always lookout for free tours around the city. Many organizations do have this facility. They take the tourists out on a walk and visit sights. Go for those.

14. Carry water bottles:

Stop buying store kept water bottles. Carry a bottle with your rucksack. Fill it up from convenient places.

Divide this plan according to your travel plan. These 14 pointer budget travel tips are an idea as to the dos and don’ts. Circumstances differ from person to person, from traveler to traveler. Just because you go for a budget trip, it does not mean that you will not be carrying extra cash with you for emergencies.

PLEASE CARRY EXTRA CASH. You save it, it is your gain only. What will you do if you travel to some remote place in the city and your card is not working? If your phone does not have the required network to pay online. So always carry extra cash with you. It is a necessity. You can never go wrong with extra cash. If you are a beginner, do not worry, the starting of lights is always nerve shivering. By the end of your journey, you will feel proud of yourself. And guess what!!! You might even start planning your next trip already. And there is no coming back from there.

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