Bucket List Adventure 10 Beautiful Places to See the Northern Lights

Bucket List Adventure: 10 Beautiful Places to See the Northern Lights

If you’re a travel/landscape photographer or a tourist looking to see the Northern Lights, you’ve come to the correct location!

Solar storms triggered nature’s enigmatic and otherworldly display — the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis – two days ago. The most regular sightings of this kaleidoscopic light phenomenon are in Arctic regions. The aurora australis — the southern version of the Northern Lights – can be seen above Antarctica, but its primary audience is penguins.

The Origins of the Northern Lights

During a solar storm, fast-moving, electrically charged particles ejected from the sun produce the Northern lights. The Earth’s magnetic field pulls these particles toward the poles, and the different gases in the atmosphere give them their distinct colours.

The Best Time To See The Northern Lights Is In 2017

The Disappointing News

Until 2025, the odds of seeing the northern lights are projected to get a little slimmer with each passing year!

On an 11-year solar cycle, the northern lights appear. The chances of seeing this amazing phenomena are dwindling and will continue to dwindle until around 2025 or 2060.

A list of the 10 Best Places to See the Northern Lights – Aurora Borealis is available to help you plan your trip and check the Northern Lights off your bucket list.

1. Abisko, Sweden

Because of the 43-mile-long Torneträsk Lake, the climate here differs from that of the neighbouring places. The lake contributes to the famous “Blue Hole of Abisko” – a region that remains cloud-free regardless of the weather conditions. With crystal blue skies, pure snow-capped peaks, and clean mountain air, the Kiruna mountains set the stage. The Northern Lights appear as curtains, spirals, arcs, or coronas in this location.

2. Finland’s Luosto

The scenery around Luosto is ideal for catching a glimpse of the Northern Lights. Although this location is small, it has a lot to offer. Its primary attractions are the Amethyst mine and the wild and pristine woodland areas. The Grand Aurora arch stretches from one side of the horizon to the other in Luosto. On a clear night near Finland’s third largest lake, Lake Inari, the Northern Lights are quite likely to be visible. If you enjoy skiing, snowmobiling, and seeing the Northern Lights, Luosto is a must-see destination!

3. Iceland 

The Aurora Borealis may be seen practically anywhere in Iceland. There are additional beaches in Iceland. If you travel on the appropriate night, the Northern Lights near beaches can be amazing. Pingvellir National Park has a darker night than the rest of Iceland, providing a magnificent experience in which the entire sky dances above you. There is the country’s largest lake, which is ideal for reflections. Do you want to take some good photos? Iceland is a must-see destination!

4. Russia’s Siberia

Northern Russia provides a good opportunity to see the Northern Lights. If you can brave the Siberian winter’s subzero conditions, you’ll be rewarded with a spectacular display of the Northern Lights in the sky. Light pollution is quite minimal in Siberia, and the nights are long and gloomy. The area is also traversed by the auroral belt, which is formed when solar gas collides with the Earth’s magnetic field. These three factors combine to make Siberia an ideal location for viewing the Northern Lights.

5. Alaska’s Fairbanks

Fairbanks is the most dependable location in Alaska. Fairbanks is located in the Aurora Oval, which is known for its regular sightings of auroras. Aurora is also forecasted by the University of Alaska to assist you in planning your vacation to Alaska. According to the Fairbanks Visitors Bureau, if you visit Fairbanks for at least three days between September and March, you have an 80% chance of seeing the Northern Lights, which are a beautiful natural phenomena.

6. Alberta, Canada

The strange phenomena can be seen in locations surrounding Lake Superior and other parts of North Alberta. Wood Buffalo and Jasper national parks, the world’s two largest dark sky preserves, are both in Alberta. Being in Canada is like having front-row seats to one of the world’s finest performances. While admiring the night sky, you can also go on a snowmobile ride or enjoy a wild dog sledge ride. Whatever you choose to do in Canada, you can rest assured that it will be an unforgettable experience.

7. Troms, Norway

Because of its location above the Arctic Circle, Norway is one of the best sites to see the Northern Lights. Because Troms is positioned in the Northern Lights oval, visitors will always have an excellent chance of seeing the Northern Lights, regardless of the sun’s cycles. Troms has strong flight connectivity, making it simpler to reach from other parts of the world. Troms has a milder coastal climate than the other sites on the list, making it livelier. Other attractions include sledding, reindeer, and the city’s nightlife, which is particularly lively on weekends.

8. Greenland’s Kulusuk 

Greenland experiences nightfall sooner than the rest of the world, and the magnificent Northern Lights may be seen as soon as it is dark. Greenland is the place to go if you want to see a natural phenomenon without suffering frostbite or travelling too far into the wilderness. Greenland’s winter season is ideal for capturing breathtaking Northern Lights photographs.

9. Aberdeen, Scotland 

Scotland, which is part of the British Isles, is notorious for its foggy, gloomy, and stormy weather, which makes it difficult to observe the night sky. However, when the cloud cover lifts during the winter months, Scotland is the place to be to see the Northern Lights. Staying up till the wee hours of the morning improves your chances of seeing something. A journey to Scotland provides a wonderful opportunity to observe the Northern Lights without burning a hole in your wallet.

10. Denmark’s Faroe Islands

Denmark, which is located north of Scotland, has weather that is similar to that of the British Isles. When the weather cooperates, the mesmerising light shows can also be seen in Denmark. There are 18 islands where you can see the Northern Lights, which are most renowned for its Puffins. The Faroe Islands are an excellent site to see the Northern Lights on a budget if the weather conditions are favourable.

From late August to mid-April is the best time to see the Northern Lights. Book your flights and hotels far in advance (ideally outside of the main city to avoid light pollution) to ensure that you have a better chance of seeing one of nature’s most stunning phenomena.

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