Choose these 22 Best Travel Shoes For Comfort and Support

With the 22 finest travel shoes for packing convenience, comfort, and style, you may stroll leisurely through your upcoming trip, wherever it takes you.

You’ve done your research for the vacation of a lifetime—or just a month—but while we enjoy focusing on what travel accessories to pack and where to go, it’s simple to overlook the importance of paying attention to what actually gets us there: our feet! Finding the most comfortable walking shoes is crucial because you won’t be spending entire trip on the couch binge-watching Netflix. Instead, you’ll be out and about for the duration of the day.

At Pack Hacker, we choose lightweight, minimalist travel shoes that are simple to pack for your next trip. After a strenuous trek or a long day of travel, when your feet start to swell, footwear with a wider toe box (or none at all in the case of sandals) feels better. Zero-drop soles assist with balance and posture while removing weight from the more delicate regions of your foot. But since they’re not suitable for everyone, we’ve also included alternatives that offer greater support. It’s always advisable to break things in before you go, whichever works for you. We wouldn’t want a blister to stand in the way of your ideal getaway!

We therefore have the perfect travel shoe for you, whether you’re searching for one to blend in at the Sistine Chapel or one to sprint around the Grand Canyon. Let’s get going.

1. Wool runners from Allbirds

Allbirds, that is, if you want to want to feel like you can fly around all day. You will value the cosy sole that adapts to the suppleness of your foot in Allbirds Wool Runners, whether you’re trekking to the Trevi Fountain or standing in queue for Space Mountain.

One of the numerous benefits of using Merino wool travel gear is that it is naturally antimicrobial. You may wear the sockless look without fearing that your luggage will smell when you repack because Allbirds uses it for these sneakers.

While you could just raid your gym luggage for cosy walking shoes, while thinking about the finest shoes for travel, we prefer a more streamlined appearance. The stylish style of the Allbirds Wool Runners will go well with the numerous items in your capsule wardrobe. You’ll also free up space if you leave your socks at home!

2. Prio Xero Shoes

The greatest travel footwear is that which you wear each day of your excursion. The Xero Shoes Prio are a good choice if you’re searching for a minimalist shoe to get you through your morning trip to the cafe, a day spent exploring museums and the nearby park, and that still looks nice when you hit the pub for some local flavour.

These are a great option for vegan globetrotters as Xero only makes use of vegan-friendly materials like rubber, canvas, and microfiber. Additionally, they don’t skimp on comfort or toughness. Even with a 5,000-mile warranty on the soles, you hardly notice you are wearing shoes when you do. According to Xero, you can receive a replacement pair for 60% off if the outsoles have worn down to a thickness of 1 mm at the heel or ball of your foot within that time frame.

These walking shoes are more compressible than many others, making it simple to store them in a daypack. Although we don’t advise leaving them rolled up because it could put too much strain on the materials, you can roll them up if you want. Additionally, they are light—between 6.4 and 7.6 ounces apiece, depending on your size—so they won’t substantially increase your allowed amount of luggage.

3. Travel Shoes Skechers GOwalk 4

The word “Skechers” can make you think, “that’s not for me.” However, the Skechers GOwalk4 Travel Shoes are not the clumsy styles you recall from the early aughts, so please bear with us. It’s simple to pack for one-bag travel with these slimmer-looking, lightweight loafers that you can wear with slacks, shorts, skirts and casual outfits. For optimum adaptability, they come in eight distinct varieties, including lace-up types, if loafers aren’t your thing.

While you can wear no-show socks with these, you can also choose to go sockless because the inner sole is lined with bamboo, which prevents odours. You’re prepared for everything Mother Nature throws at you thanks to Skechers’ increased water resistance over the previous model.

Thanks to the Goga Pillars (pillars on the bottom of the shoe that cushion any heavy impacts) and responsive midsole cushioning that will give you a spring in your step with every step, these shoes might be the ideal ones for your trips. You won’t have to worry about the scale when you check in for your flight because they only weigh a little over 5 ounces each and won’t make your bag heavier. If you do go over, have a look; the soles are prone to gathering up rocks, so if you see any hidden under your feet, you might be able to discard a few ounces.

4. Teva Hurricane XLT2

With these Teva travel shoes, you may explore the trails and forests of the world while feeling the air beneath your feet. All-day excursions won’t deter the durable EVA footbed, and you can customise the fit by adjusting the straps. The redesigned sole of this legendary Hurricane edition has even more traction than before, allowing you to grasp the ground as you ascend the forest floor or the steps of a pyramid. Soft padding prevents rubbing and blisters on the heel strap.

They are also eco-friendly since the quick-drying webbing is manufactured from recycled plastic, keeping four plastic bottles out of the waste stream. When you’re ready for an update, Teva will also prevent them from going to the landfill by accepting any style of your well-loved Teva travel shoes through its TevaForever recycling programme.

5. On Cloudvista

When you take the On Cloudvistas on your next journey, you’re running on clouds rather than on paths. These are among of the lightest trail running shoes for travel, so you don’t have to give up your speed workouts for sightseeing when you pack them. Nothing will ruin a vacation like a sprained ankle from a slip, thus the Superfoam will keep you comfy while maintaining your footing. However, don’t stress about squelching through the muck. The TPU mudguard on these top travel shoes makes them simple to clean, allowing you to repack them without worrying about contaminating the rest of your pack.

Despite the fact that the Swiss-cheese sole design isn’t appropriate for everyone or every occasion, choose On’s Cloudvista to be comfy as you travel the globe. Keep in mind that these run a half size smaller than normal, so order accordingly to make sure you get the greatest travel shoes.

6.Vivobarefoot Gobi III

Boots, dress shoes, and tennis shoes take up a significant amount of space in your backpack. Fortunately, the Vivobarefoot Gobi III can be the finest travel shoe for you because of how many different styles it complements with its minimalist boot-like appearance. You just need to bring one pair of shoes for your business meeting and your after-work stroll since the Gobi III desert boots achieve a mix between urban and country style—you may wear them the entire trip!

The majority of the shoes are constructed from biodegradable Portuguese leather, with the other components—including the insole made of sugar cane and organic cotton—being composed of various renewable natural resources. They take some getting used to, but they’ll quickly replace your other walking shoes as your favourite pair.

7. Vessi Cityscape

Use the Vessi Cityscape and leave it alone. We like to simplify the travel process wherever we can, and the Cityscape’s stretch knit upper allows us to lace them once and easily slide them on and off at the airport or Airbnb. These shoes are the finest for travelling because of their exceptionally supportive moulded insoles and lightweight but gripping soles.

They have an urban aesthetic that is equally fashionable in the beer garden and at the Met. Your feet will be shielded from winter slush and spring rains thanks to their waterproof construction, which is integrated right into the knit fabric. However, it is permeable, so your feet won’t perspire. 

8. Lems Chillum 

For new users, stepping into the realm of barefoot shoes might be disorienting. The good news is that for individuals who wish to test out the style, the Lems Chillum is a wonderful starting place. The shoes are comfy walking shoes that yet give off the barefoot feeling thanks to the pair’s reasonably thick soles. Thanks to their lightweight and flexible design, they are extremely simple to pack. Additionally, if you wish to blend in more naturally, its clean style means that it doesn’t look much different from conventional shoes.

However, the Chillum is probably not for you if you’re hoping for the (almost) full barefoot shoe experience. Additionally, the thick soles offer a zero drop shape that is level and constant from heel to toe. In other words, while the Chillum is a good option for beginners, it might not satisfy experts.

9.Chaco Townes Sandal

You may occasionally desire to upgrade your travel shoe look. With the Townes, a stylish sandal that works in a variety of settings, you can. When you take a diversion along a dusty route to take in the vistas of a national park or the sights of the river walk, the leather structure is comfy.

When looking for the best sandals for one-bag travel, we enjoy the versatility because they look just as good with jeans as with gowns. The socks and sandals style is preferable than being barefoot at the airport, but you can put them on at home, get through security and your trip, and then hit the ground running to take in all the sites when you arrive.

The Chaco Townes is a full-grain leather shoe that comes in a few distinct styles and is fastened with a brass buckle. Because of the plush footbed that cradles your feet and provides strong arch support, choose from simple hues with confidence that you’ll have comfortable walking shoes.

10. Vessi Weekend 

The ease of use of the Vessi Weekend makes them the ultimate travel footwear. Even though they have a lace-up design, tennis shoes, they can still be swiftly put on when you have to go out the door, which is perfect for getting to the airport in time for your trip and taking them off at TSA without holding up the line. They also offer a waterproof design that is surprisingly breathable, as well as a cushioned footbed that won’t make your feet hurt after a long day of city exploration.

Be cautious of filth, though. The fabric of The Weekend is fairly prone to mud and soot, and you might pick up some flaws as you stroll down the pavement. Although we like the light hues, it is unfortunate when it is marked up. 

11. Elemental Sandals by Earth Runners

This is the sandal the Pack Hacker crew is wearing when we daydream about the perfect sandal for travel. But seriously, the Earth Runners Elemental Sandal is a packer’s dream because it is incredibly light, flexible, and thin (8 mm!). You can walk along the beach or run in them without hearing the slapping sound flip-flops make. The bottom tread offers excellent grip in all other conditions, however we advise against driving in the rain. We prefer to flaunt the natural appearance occasionally, even though the aesthetic isn’t for everyone.

The form-fitting nature of these shoes distinguishes them from other top travel footwear. You can learn how to knot them by watching our review video, and once you’ve broken them in, you won’t even be able to tell they’re there. After all, we want you to pay attention to the companions you are on safari with or the once-in-a-lifetime sunset, not your shoes. These are the kind of travel shoes that blend in well enough to prevent you from feeling your feet after a long day of standing.

12.Rothy’s The Sneaker 

Since we enjoy travelling, we try to be considerate to Mother Earth. They spin their renowned thread from recycled plastic, and each pair of these travel shoes from Rothy’s prevents roughly 13 bottles from ending up in landfills. Utilising green building techniques and achieving zero waste, the organisation strives to be LEED and TRUE certified.

Being environmentally conscious should not mean giving up on convenience or fashion. Simply snap them off and on as you navigate the TSA with these convenient slip-on walking shoes. Choose from a range of traditional and seasonal colour schemes and patterns, such as solid white or navy or leopard, then throw them in the washing machine when necessary. Most people find that the shoe fits true to size, but if you like to wear them with no-show socks—which don’t expand with time—you should size larger.

13. Arizona Essentials EVA  BIRKENSTOCK

The Arizona Essentials are constructed of EVA rather than cork and leather, so we feel free to run into the surf to save the Frisbee without worrying that we’ll damage them. BIRKENSTOCKS aren’t usually what we reach for when combing the beach.

Allow the “BIRKEN-Crocs” jokes to flow, but they are lightweight, waterproof travel shoes that still feature the contoured footbed we adore in our #birkies. They may resemble leather depending on the hue you’re wearing, and the sides of the soles have a rough appearance that resembles a classic pair. We can discover the ideal fit thanks to the adjustable straps, and the eye-catching colour variations help us show off our personal style (minimalist black!).

They can withstand quick hikes or strolls about the campground because they are tough enough. Simply rinse the sand off after you’re finished climbing the dunes; they’ll be clean and dry in no time.

14. The OAKA Derby

You may occasionally need something a little nicer-looking for your travels. OAKA, enter The Derby. This sleek dress shoe has a design that would be appropriate for the boardroom or the dancing, yet it can fold in half for convenient storage.

Although there is a false heel for that dress-shoe appearance, the zero-drop sole lets your natural gait shine. Your foot can stay near to the ground thanks to distinctive cutouts, and the sole is soft and flexible but doesn’t look like a trainer from the side. For fancy dress night on your cruise, decide between Ash Grey and Ink Black based on your personal taste. or bring both. You’ll still have space.

The faux heel cutouts drain water out of the sole, reducing the hydroplaning effect that other dress shoes have, whether you’re walking along San Antonio’s River Walk or the cobblestone streets of Rome when it starts to rain. Furthermore, these top travel shoes may be washed in the washing machine if you happen to walk in anything unsavoury while out and about.

15. Ballet flats Tieks

Why not a little black shoe? A little black dress can work for almost any occasion. With a split sole that enables the ballerina slippers to fold in half and the toe tucking into the heel to fit conveniently in your carry-on bag, Tieks has taken this wardrobe essential and transformed it into the ultimate shoe for travelling. The padded back prevents rubbing, and the non-skid soles offer a cushioned instep to keep you comfy all day and into the night.

They come in a broad range of colours and designs if monochrome isn’t your thing, all with the same vivid teal sole, even though we recommend the black for versatility. These are the greatest travel shoes since they will have you covered from day to night because of the full-grain Italian leather’s ability to develop a patina over time and the simple design’s compatibility with both flowy dresses and lululemon leggings.

16. 2018 Nike Free RN Flyknit

Although you could be on vacation, training never stops. Now what? Pack a pair of running shoes with a collapsible upper that are ideal for travel.

With its sock-like, barefoot style, the Nike Free RN Flyknit 2018 is convenient for shorter runs and fits easily in a tote or backpack for a last-minute vacation to Chicago. They weigh less than many other running shoes at 7 ounces, but performance isn’t sacrificed. The lightweight option’s rounded heel provides support while you walk by rolling with the ground.

Put on your running shoes and experience life as a local while getting your morning workout along Lake Michigan. You’ll witness the pleasure boaters, water taxis, and more. You’ll still have a spring in your step when it’s time to visit Navy Pier and the Field Museum because the flexible, light sole replicates the natural movement of your foot by expanding and contracting with each landing and push-off.

17. A STAUD XC-72

Travel shoes that go with Surf City, USA, are required. The latest latest Balance and STAUD collaboration, the XC-72, features a hint of the Motor City. These vintage shoes combine 1980s and 1990s surf style with experimental auto design to provide a supportive walking shoe.

The squared toe was inspired by concept automobiles, and the suede overlays, leather embellishments, and distinctive New Balance insignia offer these shoes a classic appearance you can wear everywhere you go. Choose the neutral colour scheme to go with almost any style, or go bold with the blue, which has pops of poppy and maize—shades inspired by sun and sand—to stand out from the crowd. No matter what, create amusing sand tread patterns to make your stamp on the globe. These stand out from other top travel shoes because to the geometric patterns that continue onto the toe box.

18. Men’s Authentic Original Boat Shoe by Sperry

Put on a pair of Sperry travel shoes and take the helm of your voyage. The first boat shoe ever made, these endure the test of time and become more comfortable with each use. The full-grain leather moccasins are hand-sewn, and they mould to your feet like a cosy pair of slippers. They may be laced up for the ideal fit, and they are also simple to put on and take off, making it easier to pass through security.

Fortunately, there are a number of neutral hues that go well with jeans, shorts, and skirts and make you appear fashionable. The Ortholite cushioning in Sperry allows the entire family to settle in and enjoy hours of pleasant walking while taking in new sights. Then salute the Skipper as you take a stroll along the beachfront in the evening; you’ll feel completely at home.

19. Breeze Sea from Clarks for Women

We believe this is why Clarks calls its Breeze Sea sandals Cloudsteppers: the high-density foam and EVA midsole give you the impression that you are walking on a cloud. But what’s in a name? A rose is still a rose, and these sandals include an Ortholite footbed that is supportive and softly lined to protect your soles as you travel. These sandals follow Clarks’ tradition of creating footwear for those with foot issues, which helped establish their reputation. Whether you’re at the beach, the farmer’s market, or the museum, these travel shoes will keep you running all day long so your feet won’t be sore by dinnertime.

Although there is a hook-and-loop clasp to help you select the ideal fit, they have a tendency to run a touch large. To be prepared for wherever the breeze blows you, choose from a rainbow of colours to match every clothing and situation, including some interesting metallic alternatives.

20.Men’s Fisherman Sandal by Dockers

The Dockers Men’s Fisherman Sandal is an excellent shoe for travel because it is comfy right out of the box, unlike certain footwear that requires a break-in time. So it’s not an issue when, as you are ready to depart, you realise that the warmer weather calls for something a bit less formal.

You’ll be happy that these sturdy sandals last for many travels to come since the Fusion Footbed gives an additional layer of cushioned support and the memory foam insole conforms to your foot. You may modify them throughout the day if your feet grow after walking along the coastline thanks to the hook-and-loop closures, which let you achieve the ideal fit. They look excellent on that sunset dinner cruise and are cosy walking shoes. You can have your camera poised to capture the ideal photo without having to get up off your feet.

21. Tropicfeel Monsoon Sneakers

Although climbing Dunn River Falls is a famous Jamaican trip, renting swim shoes from a vendor by the side of the road is much creepier. Since these water-resistant travel shoes can be worn on land or in the water, prepare ahead of time and pack your Tropicfeel Monsoon Sneakers.

They entered our Vacation Packing List due to their extreme portability and minimal weight, and their breathable mesh and built-in drainage holes make them an obvious choice for sprinting into the surf.

Although there is a learning curve, Tropicfeel has sped up the process of tying your shoes with sprint laces. If the knots are tight, the laces may protrude, but when we move the knots to the end, the shoes may become a bit slack. Find what works for you by experimenting, and then on your next adventure, locate the nearest waterfall to scale.

22. Greys The Outdoor Slipper 

To make the hours go by on a long journey, we want to recline and unwind like we’re at home on the couch.The Outdoor Slipper from Greys will give you that couch-potato feeling without the sloppy appearance.They are the ideal travel shoe if you choose comfort because the wool blend is velvety and won’t make your feet sweaty, the sole is durable enough to wear outside without the worry of slippage you get from plush-bottomed slippers, and the reinforced toe box makes them robust enough to wear inside.

Despite the fact that they are slippers, they have a stylish appearance and full coverage on the heel, so you won’t feel self-conscious wearing them. After all, you’re trying to conceal a hole in your favourite pair of socks.For the convenience of your travelling companions, they are also odor-resistant. We won’t criticise your choice of travel footwear until you get there—change them out or keep wearing them!

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