Discover Your Dream Career: The 10 Best Travel Jobs of 2023

I’ve encountered a lot of folks on the road who, like me, choose remote work and travel over regular desk jobs. It’s definitely not for everyone, but it is for me, which is why I made the decision to quit my job and launch a digital travel company. Finding a career that involves frequent travel is a great method to support yourself even if you don’t want to be a travel blogger. Only in-demand travel occupations held by people I’ve met are included in this article. There are several schemes for getting free travel, but they are simply unattainable for the majority of people. Here is my list of the best travel jobs world wide. Let’s quickly go through how to travel for business before delving into each of the individual vocations that need travel. Travel employment prospects can be broadly categorized into the following groups:

Jobs in the travel industry

Find a solid employment in the hotel and tourism industry. One of the following careers in the Best Travel Jobs is worth thinking about:

-recreation, amusement, and the arts

– Inns and other lodging

– Bars, restaurants, and other eat-and-drink establishments

There are many prospects for travel career progression, even if the income is often not excellent when you first start out. Additionally, you might benefit from flexible hours and opportunity to network. Travel agents, hotel sales and marketing staff, tour directors, and airline sales representatives are some examples of occupations in the travel business.

Online nomads

Remote workers are known as digital nomads. They typically work on a laptop from anywhere in the world rather than in a set office location. A workspace, such as a bedroom, coffee shop, hotel lobby, or co-working area, plus an internet connection are all they require.

I am regarded as a digital nomad because I write about travel. Freelance writers and social media managers are two more examples of people who can work from anywhere.

Jobs that demand travel and pay well for expats

Expat jobs are employment opportunities that allow nationals of one country to work in another. These are typically highly specialised occupations that let you temporarily reside abroad (normally for several months or years at a time).

Traveling jobs

Most of the time, neither a college degree nor a work visa are necessary for these kinds of professions. Typical jobs for backpackers include those in the arts, hospitality, agriculture, street hawking, and music. Working at a hostel is another well-liked employment for travellers.

The top travel-related positions for 2023

What are the finest travel-related jobs? The Best Travel Jobs are for 2023 are listed here.

Keep in mind that not everyone is suited for these travel-related careers. Some professions don’t require a degree or any training, while others are well-paying travel jobs that need extensive training and expertise. I made an effort to offer travellers a variety of offline and online jobs.

One of the best travel occupations for digital nomads is travel writing.

Range of annual income: $30,001 to $80,001

This is Best Travel Jobs for earning money.

You have two excellent possibilities as a travel writer to earn money while travelling. To start, you may write for travel publications and journals as a freelancer. While larger newspapers can connect you with free travel experiences and excursions, smaller journals will pay you for each piece.

Portable DJ

$500 – $5,000 per gig, on average

Do you have a serious case of wanderlust and enjoy music? Why not merge your two interests and work as a travel DJ?

You’ll have the chance to tour the globe as a travelling DJ, spinning the hottest beats and entertaining partygoers at upscale events and clubs. Imagine yourself spinning records on an opulent yacht in the Mediterranean, at a hip rooftop party in Tokyo, or in a Rio de Janeiro beach club. There are countless options!

English instructor

Range of monthly income: $2,000 to $6,000

Could you speak English? I’m going to presume that the response is yes since you’ve read this far.

I taught English in Valencia, Spain, for the summer of 2016 (during the interim between graduating college and beginning my finance career). It was a transformative event that helped me develop personally and give back to the community.

Careers in telemedicine

Payscale: $40 to $250 per hour

One of the best online jobs that let you travel is this one.

These days, going to the doctor’s office in person isn’t always necessary. Telemedicine is a brand-new area of the healthcare market because to technology. Doctors and nurses can write prescriptions for medications online in many states and nations, frequently from the convenience of their own homes. You can travel and discover the world, though, due to the remote nature of this profession. This is one the Best Travel Jobs.

A popular job for young people travelling is au pair

$200 to $300 per week in pocket money is the income range.

One of the most sought-after work options abroad for young adults, especially in European nations, is this one.

You serve as an au pair for a host family in exchange for free housing, free meals, and frequently a stipend. You’re expected to handle household chores and childcare duties as well as other family obligations.

There are many Au Pair placement organisations around the world, but these are the 15 that the U.S. State Department has approved. The average age range for au pairs is 18 to 30 years old, though there may be exceptions depending on the nation.

Being an au pair is a fantastic way to experience cultural immersion. And if you’re fortunate, your host family might even take you on a trip with them!

Travel-related jobs for architects

$50,000 to $120,000 per year in income

Are you an expert in design and a voracious traveller? Why not test your abilities by working as a travelling architect?

You’ll get the chance to create some of the world’s most stunning and cutting-edge structures as a travelling architect. Consider building a cutting-edge skyscraper in Dubai, a mediaeval shrine in Kyoto, or an eco-friendly village in Costa Rica. 

But there are other factors at play as well. You must have a thorough awareness of the technical facets of building design and construction, including building laws and regulations, if you want to work as a travelling architect. To make your designs a reality, you’ll also need to be a master of cooperation, working with clients and contractors.

A Best Travel Jobs as a travelling architect, though, can be ideal for you if you’re up for the challenge and love learning about various cultures and ways of life. So get ready to design your way across the world by packing your sketchbook and your sense of adventure!

Jobs As A Travelling Tour Guide

Payscale: $15 to $50 per hour

Think about working for a global travel agency or becoming a local tour guide. This is a fantastic opportunity to earn money and spread your love of travel.

On the road, I’ve come across a lot of folks who provide “free walking tours,” where they don’t demand a fee up front but instead depend on tips. This is a great opportunity to start off in the business while learning a little bit about the people, places, and cultures of a place.From there, you might even start your own business by designing unique Airbnb experiences and leading private tours. Food tours, photo walks, and history tours are all well-liked concepts.

Edited Videos

Payscale: $12 to $35 per hour

Are you up for a lucrative, enjoyable work that allows you to travel while also exercising your creative muscles? You only need to look at the world of video editing! You can take beautiful footage while on vacation, edit it into visually amazing works of art, and then travel to exotic locales.

Consider all the incredible locations you may see, from the crowded streets of Tokyo to the pristine beaches of Bali. So many unforgettable adventures are waiting for you there. Additionally, you’ll get to collaborate with a group of gifted filmmakers and creators to realise your vision.

But working as a video editor isn’t just about the travel; it also gives you the chance to express your creativity. You’ll get the chance to try out various approaches and methods and consistently push the limits of what is conceivable. 

Therefore, a career in video editing can be ideal for you if you’re seeking for Best Travel Jobs that combines technology, creativity, and adventure.

One of the best careers for travelling is WWOOFing.

Income: N/A – free board and lodging but no pay

Looking for an inexpensive means of transportation? Attempt WWOOFing.

As part of the cultural and educational programme known as Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF), you can labour on a farm, ranch, or homestead in exchange for free lodging. You may learn all about organic farming and sustainability, two issues that are incredibly important and are changing our planet, while working on a farm. Consider it a programme for individuals who have a global outlook on things!

Typically, WWOOFers labour on the farm for half of their time and travel during the other half. In the US, there are more than 1700 organic host farms, and there are many more abroad (in 130 other countries!). There isn’t a travel job that allows you to explore the world while also helping others that I can think of!

Booking Agent

Range of annual income: $30,000 to $75,000

Become a travel agent to earn money while you travel!

Many people believed that travel agencies would disappear with the development of the internet. After all, customers can just make all of their own internet reservations. Booking agent also a best travel jobs for starting carrier.

In contrast, travel review websites like TripAdvisor aren’t necessarily trustworthy because a lot of context is left out that would be helpful in making wise travel choices. For instance, you can’t tell what events in someone’s life led them to write a favourable or unfavourable review.

Although a degree is not necessary, you should have excellent communication skills, appropriate travel experience, and attention to detail.

Street performer: a flexible, creative, and remote employment.

$57,000 to $91,000 per year in income

There are ways to make money wherever there are tourists. One of the most inventive travel jobs in the world that allows you to show off your talents is being a street performer or musician.

Can you play an instrument like the guitar well? Magic tricks or break dancing? In large cities like London, NYC, Barcelona, or Bogota, you can make money from just about everything. Just be sure to conduct some research in advance because some locations will demand that you obtain a permission. One of the best travel jobs is in the entertainment industry if you enjoy doing so.

Agent for Customer Service

$33,000 to $59,000 per year in income

You can work remotely from almost anyplace if you want to. All you need is a fun place to call home, quick internet, and good customer service skills!

When you’re working, living, and travelling overseas, it helps to have the listening abilities and cool demeanour necessary for this role. While you’re on the road, it’s easy for interpersonal disputes and misunderstandings to occur; this kind of work can assist you in resolving them. As a result, it ranks among the greatest travel-related occupations available.

Instructor of yoga who travels

Range of annual income: $39,000 to $74,000

This is one of the greatest international travel jobs for fitness gurus. Working as a yoga, pilates, zumba, or dance instructor at a resort. Alternatively, think about earning a certification to work as a personal trainer.

You can work as a yoga instructor outside of a hotel or resort. Additionally, you can direct your own yoga retreats abroad! Who wouldn’t like to practise yoga or meditate in a far-off place like Tulum or Bali?

One of the best careers for those who love to travel is translator

Range of annual income: $47,000 to $100,000

If you speak several languages well, think about becoming a translator! This travel job is in high demand pretty much everywhere, and you can even do a lot of it online.

One of the most fulfilling actions one may perform is to assist others in communicating. This is a top travel profession for both expats and digital nomads due to the opportunity to travel to other nations during the course of the work.

One of the top careers in the travel business is hotel professional.

pay scale: $16 to $26 per hour

Do you take pleasure in helping others and provide excellent service? One of the most fulfilling careers for adventure seekers is working in the hotel industry!

Most jobs in the hospitality industry don’t require degrees, and you can move up the ladder rather rapidly. You can advance from an entry-level role to a manager within a year, at which point hotel chains all over the world will be interested in hiring you.

I’ve met a lot of hotel industry experts who have lived and worked abroad. It’s customary to transfer hotels every 6 to 12 months in this nomadic industry. The main hotel chains provide a wealth of domestic and international prospects that will mould you into a well-rounded and global hotel professional. 

A Travel Writer

$85,000 to $97,000 per year in income

Are you an adventurer who loves to write? Why not meld your skills and work as a freelance journalist?

You will get the chance to cover the most thrilling and significant global news stories as a travelling journalist. Consider reporting on a political uprising in Cairo, a natural calamity in the Philippines, or a festival of culture in Rio de Janeiro. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best travel jobs for careers that lets you travel the globe.

Travelling Consultant Positions

Range of annual income: $49,000 to $110,000

Do you have, or do you intend to develop, a speciality? Think about working as a consultant! One of the greatest paying travel jobs available is this one.

Experts in their area or expertise, consultants can offer solutions to challenging issues. This kind of specialised knowledge is sought after not only at home but also abroad. The finest travel employment for digital nomads are in particular social media experts, who are in high demand.

It is well known that consultants make a lot of money and travel widely. A win-win situation if you’re seeking for travel-related work!

Photographer of travel

$33,000 to $54,000 per year in income

Do you like to save priceless vacation memories? Perhaps I should pursue a career as a travel photographer!

Being a professional travel photographer offers a variety of income opportunities. Offering prints and high-resolution files for sale is one of the quickest and simplest methods to generate income. All you have to do is open an Etsy store and register on stock photo services like Shutterstock.

Finally, after working as a professional travel photographer for a while, you might think about producing courses and “how to” films. These classes are always in demand from aspiring photographers who want to study under the finest. It’s no surprise that one of the top travel careers available is this one.

One of the best digital nomad careers for travellers is that of a virtual assistant.

Payscale: $12 to $20 per hour

One of the easiest jobs to get is a virtual assistant. Most of the time, this kind of work may be done from anywhere and usually does not require a degree.

These highly sought-after remote occupations include scheduling and calendar management, customer support, bookkeeping, web research, event planning, social media management, and more.

A excellent method to earn money while travelling the world is as a flight attendant.

Range of annual income: $30,001 to $73,300

Become a flight attendant if you desire to travel extensively! Although it’s not an easy job, it does have certain advantages. In addition to receiving significant discounts on travel, lodging, and transportation, flight attendants often enjoy lower rent costs when they are travelling. One of the coolest occupations that travel and pay well, without a doubt.

You also have complete flexibility when working as a flight attendant. You can easily transfer flights with your coworkers and make the most of your in-flight time to extend your vacation time. Additionally, you will receive excellent benefits if you work for one of the major airlines, such as medical, retirement, and overtime pay.

Worker in International Aid

Range of annual income: $30,001 to $40,000.

Want to visit new places while also doing good deeds? Think about working in international aid! One of the best careers for travel, and undoubtedly one of the most satisfying.

Among the many international organisations that are constantly seeking assistance are the Red Cross and the Peace Corps. Aid workers are in high demand all throughout the world, whether it’s for humanitarian purposes like health and social services or assistance during natural catastrophes or wars.

Working at an IGO is another excellent method to help people while living abroad in addition to volunteer-oriented alternatives. The United Nations, NATO, and the World Health Organisation are notable IGOs.

Instructor of skis

Range of wages: $24 to $40 per hour.

Ski instructors are employed seasonally by numerous ski resorts all over the world. You can spend a portion of the year in the Southern Hemisphere (which includes Argentina, New Zealand, and Chile) and a portion of the year in the Northern Hemisphere.

Diving Teacher

Range of pay: $19 to $35 per hour

If you enjoy scuba diving, this is a fascinating job that would pay well and let you travel and teach. You’ll get to travel to far-off places like Australia and Hawaii while also getting to view the breathtaking splendour of the ocean’s depths.


$50,000 to $70,000 per year in income

For history buffs, this is among the most exciting travel jobs! They aid in our comprehension of human geography and the origins of civilizations, including practises, beliefs, and traditions.

In an effort to comprehend ancient artefacts, locations, and remains, archaeologists conduct excavation studies of humankind. Investigating, learning about, and evaluating other cultures and historical events are required.

Although this is not a career that will make you wealthy, it is quite enlightening, and you’ll get to travel a lot too!

Geographers and anthropologists, in addition to archaeologists, offer similar chances and jobs for travellers!

Stock Day Trading

range of yearly incomes: $20,000 to $200,000

This is a well-known form of location independent work that enables you to earn money while on the road.

You may purchase and sell stocks with no commissions by using free trading applications like Robinhood. This is the most effective way to get started and learn about day trading while experimenting with various approaches.

I occasionally day trade, and I heartily endorse it for those with financial background. You’ll need to exercise some patience and dedication, and occasionally you’ll have to deal with losing money.

Mobile Barman’s research

Range of wages: $12 to $22 per hour (excluding of tips)

You can work this travel job almost anywhere, especially in popular tourist locations with lots of bars, eateries, and nightclubs. Generally speaking, all you need is a working knowledge of the local tongue and some prior bartending experience. 

Therapist of massage

Payscale: $30 to $110 per hour

With this travel career, you’ll be able to indulge your wanderlust while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. You can travel as a massage therapist as a member of a sports team, on a cruise, at a hotel, or even independently.

There is a demand for wellness spas and, consequently, massage therapy wherever there are tourists. In order to help meet the demand, collaborate with a hotel, resort, or other nearby company. Is this one of the best careers for travellers to have? Certainly is!

Travel Jobs on Cruise Ships

$16,000 to $20,000 per year in income

People from many walks of life can find wonderful travel employment working on cruise ships. As you sail the world, you can work as a cook, an entertainer, a tour manager, a housekeeper, a waiter or waitress, and so much more. You receive your food, lodging, and transportation expenses paid for in addition to seeing a range of places.

One of the best travel occupations is being an oceanographer

Range of annual income: $63,000 to $98,000

Do you long to travel the world and are attracted by the ocean’s mysteries? Why not combine your interests by becoming a mobile oceanographer?

You’ll have the chance to investigate the ocean’s depths, learn about the variety of marine life there, and research how human activities affect it. 

But there’s more to it than just excitement and fun. You must have a thorough understanding of the scientific ideas, technology, and methodologies used in oceanography in order to be a travelling oceanographer. You’ll also need to be a flexible master, able to adjust to various settings and circumstances.

You can work remotely as a software or computer engineer and travel the world

Range of annual income: $90,000 to $140,000

On the road, I’ve encountered a lot of people who are remote software and computer engineers. Most of them work as independent contractors who create websites and mobile apps while relocating to low-cost areas. It really is a fantastic method to work while you travel.

For the majority of occupations, you need a degree in computer science or engineering. On websites like, there are a plenty of freelance jobs available, so you don’t have need a job to work. Even if it’s not an easy travel job, this one is unquestionably lucrative!

Employed by a Hostel

range of wages: $14 to $23 per hour.

Looking to make money while you travel? One of the best travel jobs for meeting people from all around the world is working at a hostel. Working at the front desk or in housekeeping will earn you free lodging and meals. You might work as a barman at several hostels since they also have bars on-site!

Working at hostels is typically a temporary ordeal. If you decide to stay longer, you can try to work out a compensated position. There are many people I know who have done this; no formal education or training is necessary, only a desire to meet new people!

One of the top occupations for expats is web developer

Range of annual income: $64,000 to $130,000

Looking for a job that will take you abroad? Although this isn’t your normal travel job, it certainly fits the bill for that!

One of the most sought-after digital nomad occupations that you may perform almost anywhere in 2023 is being a web developer. It necessitates understanding of the coding languages used to build and maintain websites, such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

Additionally, there is a great demand for website and graphic designers, particularly for WordPress and Adobe products. While having a degree is advantageous, you can learn how to programme websites and applications and write code by following free online tutorials.

I’ve encountered a lot of independent web designers and developers while travelling as digital nomads. It is undoubtedly a foolproof method for juggling work and travel.

The greatest compensated travel position for fliers is pilot

Range of annual income: $150,000 to $240,000

This is the job for you if you’re looking to explore the world.

One of the highest paying travel professions in the world is becoming a pilot. You’ll be able to travel the world and visit some of the most stunning locations. You’ll be on your path to becoming a commercial airline pilot after thousands of hours in the air, a lot of training, and specialised experience.

Driving a Truck

Range of annual income: $39,000 to $97,000

You could love driving a truck if you enjoy taking road vacations. It gives a change of scenery that you don’t get with standard desk employment, pays well, and doesn’t require a degree.

Since there is a significant need for truck drivers, regular travel will be possible for you. What more could you ask for in an elite travel position?

An excellent way to earn money while travelling the world is as an Airbnb host.

Range of monthly income: $1,200 to $2,100

While you’re travelling the world, list your house or flat on Airbnb.

Making a lot of money from this can help you pay your rent or mortgage as well as finance your travels. To avoid having to be there to let people past the door, just make sure you have contactless check-in options (such as a keypad).

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