Experience Of Delicious Food in Hyderabad for Family

She was competing in a tennis competition in Hyderabad, so Chhavi and I went there to watch her. After the games, we travelled to Hyderabad to stay with my older nephew because he works there. He enjoys cycling a lot and is well-versed in Hyderabad’s culinary offerings in all price categories. We were a three-person group, but not your normal family. And we had a great time. Additionally, I believe that tennis travel or sports tourism will be my future. But let’s get back to Food in Hyderabad culinary adventures.

Huber & Holly- The Fantastic Ice Cream Shop

Chhavi and Dilip went in quest of ice cream after spending a lot of time wandering at the KBR Park. As usual, I was following them 10 paces behind. Chhavi chose to visit another store after entering the first one. I wanted to sit down since I was exhausted, but the female wouldn’t move. So we ventured outside to look for another ice cream shop.Hyderabad-based Huber and Holly Ice Cream

We later came across Huber & Holly, and I’m glad Chhavi didn’t choose the first one. Their ice cream is outstanding. Chhavi gave me a sample of the litchi charcoal she had taken. We both thought it was great.Excellent Ice Cream in Hyderabad at Huber and Holly

I chose a kulfi, and I have to admit that it was the best kulfi I’ve had in a long time. Dilip only drank black coffee since he was monitoring his calories, and he said it was still great. When the chance arises, we will return there. The costs are what you would anticipate from a high-end establishment.

Chutneys for Lunch at Hyderabad

Hyderabad’s Chutneys for lunch

One day, my nephew took us there for a late lunch. Chhavi desired to visit KFC. This sparked a debate between chain restaurants and independent eateries. We informed her that we would be eating a lot of regional cuisine. She said that she didn’t want chutneys alone for lunch. We reassured her that she would have a lot more options than just chutneys.

There was a wait for a table when we arrived. There were numerous chairs and air conditioning in the waiting area. So while we didn’t wait too long, it was enjoyable. I went with Rawa Dosa while Dilip went with Guntur Idli. Chhavi selected noodles for her meal. Our things

Hyderabad’s Chutneys for lunch

Le Vantage for Dinner

Le Vantage has a restaurant and a bar. Chhavi is obviously underage, thus Dilip and Chhavi would sprint ahead to such locations only to be stopped by the bouncers. Five steps later, I would arrive and assume control. We were always allowed admission to the dining room after they noticed that I was accompanying them. Our experience with this occurred twice.

Hyderabad’s Dilip at Le Vantage

Because Chhavi is a minor, we simply visited the dining area and stayed away from the bar. The eating area upstairs is cosy. I ordered pasta and beer, Dilip ordered pita bread and hummus, and Chhavi ordered nachos. Each of us enjoyed our meals. Le Vantage is a nice spot to sit, unwind, converse, and eat. And Delicious Food in Hyderabad.

Eat Street

At Eat Street, Chhavi is eating chuski.

We had dinner at Eat Street, which is close to Hussain Sagar. It is a large location with a food court feel. Chhavi remembers Biograd because she ate a lot of spiral potatoes there as she was eating spiral potatoes. She also consumed momos, a large glass of juice, and chuski. then tell her she’s not hungry when you urge her to eat anything at home! I ate falafel while Dilip, as usual, ordered a low-calorie lunch.

The lake view is invaluable, despite the average quality of the meal. The cost of the food is fair.

Kadak House near KBR Park

Evening tea at Kadak House

We stopped at the Kadak House for my evening tea while we were strolling close to KBR Park. Dilip frequently rides his bike here, and I also enjoyed the location. There is no room to sit in this roadside stall. But it offers quality tea in a relaxed atmosphere.

Nariyal Pani (Tender Coconut Water) by the Roadside

Nyayal Pani

On hot days, you look forward to nariyal pani after a long walk. Hyderabad is more affordable than Delhi NCR. Given that Dilip was paying for practically everything, I can’t recall the exact amount.

Tiffin from Online Platforms

Food Delivery for Tiffin Service

We also had a lot of home deliveries, especially for breakfast. In Hyderabad, there are numerous tiffin services that serve delicious regional cuisine. Both Tiffin Depot and Varalakshmi Tiffins, from which we ordered a lot of South Indian food, are excellent. I cherished them. We once went for puri aalo for Chhavi since she requested North Indian food, and even it was deliciousfood in hyderabad.

Raw Mango with Masala

The fresh mango with spices (see top picture) was the nicest of all, though. It’s a seasonal phenomenon. It is just a simple, mildly tart raw mango spread with spices that properly balance sweet, sour, and heat. We purchased one plate and moved on to supper afterward. By the time we finished our dinner, the guy had left to go home after we made a long detour to acquire another plate. His goods were all sold out.

We had a great time in Hyderabad trying out various foods. I wish my nephew had chosen his next position to be near a beach! Additionally, Chhavi had a match there.

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