Family-Friendly Schilthorn, Switzerland, Offers Epic Views and Thrills

In Switzerland, a family-friendly adventure. Switzerland, which is slightly larger than Bhutan and, like that serene Asian monarchy, is landlocked and surrounded by high peaks, has the kind of topography that makes other countries envious. Soaring mountains, rolling grassy hills and meadows spread across valleys and plateaus where cattle graze, and picture-perfect Alpine lakes filled with pure, motionless water that stoically reflect the steep peaks make up this country in the heart of Europe. This varied, dramatic environment has enchanted visitors for ages, and it continues to impress and inspire all who see it, no matter what season it is. From the short trip, plenty of the stunning topography is visible.

The Swiss Travel Pass makes the journey to Schilthorn much easier

Smart visitors will use the Swiss Move Pass, a multi-day pass that permits them to travel about Switzerland on unlimited adventures by boat, bus, and train, providing them access to some of the country’s most beautiful places. Prices start at Swiss Francs 232 (or S$334) for three days, with the 15-day ticket at Swiss Francs 429 (or S$617) offering the best value. The train from Interlaken departs from Interlaken Ost station, a major railway junction that connects three different train lines and also serves as a major bus interchange. The carriages leave Interlaken and follow the Bernese Oberland line to Lauterbrunnen, a municipality in the Bernese Oberland.

Cable Car Ride in Schilthorn

Bond’s favourite peak awaits your arrival. With stops along the way at the picturesque highland settlements of Gimmelwald and Mürren, the 2,677-meter Birg, and vistas across the Lauterbrunnen valley, the 32-minute cable-car ascension provides a bird’s-eye view that handsomely portrays the beauty of the Alps. The journey concludes at Schilthorn, one of the highest peaks in the Bernese Alps at 2,970 metres. Many visitors extend their journey by stopping in Gimmelwald, one of the country’s few traffic-free villages, and Mürren, a village whose architectural vernacular is typical of this part of the Alps, and whose views of towering peaks — the Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau — leave many onlookers speechless.

Take in the sights from Skyline Walk and Thrill Walk

Adventurers of all ages may get up close and personal with the Alps at Birg. Adventurers can take photos from the Skyline Walk, an angular observation deck dangling over a chasm between mountains made of steel and reinforced glass. Take the Thrill Walk, a steel walkway that clings to the rock face before meandering beneath the observation deck and cableway, to add to the thrill. The crawl-through tunnel, glass-bottomed floor, and mesh-rope bridge add to the adrenaline rush of the stroll.

Piz Gloria, Schilthorn: Bond’s world and breathtaking sights

The views from the top, at Schilthorn, are unforgettably stunning, a cause for celebration in and of themselves. But this mountain is known for more than just the scenery; it was used as a significant location in a James Bond film. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service employed the revolving restaurant with a conical silver facade, a peaked top, and 360-degree vistas as the location for an allergy research centre run by Bond’s arch adversary, Ernst Blofeld, from October 1968 to May 1969. The clinic was named Piz Gloria in the film, and the restaurant decided to keep the name. Today, customers can enjoy a 45-minute entire rotation at this high revolving restaurant.

Allmendhubel is a beautiful alpine cool zone for families in the summer

Allmendhubel, Mürren’s local mountain, is a four-minute journey on the funicular railway from Mürren cable-car station and is positioned 1,000 metres below the tip of Schilthorn. This is the ideal spot for families and leisure-seekers who want to be active or just relax, with an easygoing atmosphere and plenty of places to stroll and linger.

Allmendhubel is also the starting point for a variety of treks and other outdoor activities amid the area’s magnificent peaks. The Flower Park, an expansive play meadow packed with interesting facts about the Alps’ flora and animals, is a gateway to the amazing alpine environment.

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