There are 15 things to do in Tokyo

In Tokyo, there are 15 things to do.

The following are 15 things to do in Tokyo…

Shimbasi is a great place to eat and drink.

Traditional Japanese pubs, or Izakayas, abound in this region in the business district, providing an acceptable after-work location for salaried workers to vent their concerns to coworkers who are often only an arm’s length away. It’s the ideal location for sampling delicacies that aren’t geared toward western palates.

Take a look at Harajuku’s Spectacle.

The hub of Japanese young culture and fashion is this adventurous quarter packed with boutique shops and cafes. Because of the cartoon-like attire, the folks watching here might be the best in the world.

In a capsule, you can sleep.

These simple sleeping pods, which were once popular among businesspeople on nights out, have recently gained popularity among tourists due to their novelty and affordable prices.

Pachinko is a game where you can bet the farm.

Shooting balls through a maze of metal pins is the goal of this Japanese arcade game. You may trade them for money once you catch them, giving Japan’s over 12,000 pachinko parlours a handy way to get around the country’s rigorous gambling rules.

Ramen with a Michelin Star

Tsuta’s Michelin-starred bowls provide a world-class dining experience for less than the price of a fast food meal.

Ascend the Sky Tree

This iconic broadcast tower and viewing deck stands at 634 metres, making it the world’s second tallest building. The vistas are, of course, breathtaking.

At the Robot Restaurant, you can eat

This $100 million eatery isn’t your grandmother’s crooner supper club.

Shibuya Crossing is located in Tokyo, Japan.

If you’ve seen any Tokyo-set film, you’ve most likely seen the world’s largest pedestrian crossing. At any given time, up to 2500 people cross the street, so get lost in the throng or sit back and watch the craziness develop while sipping a steaming latte from a nearby Starbucks.

Tsukiji Market is a must-see in Tokyo.

The world’s largest wholesale fish and seafood market is home to some of Tokyo’s best dining, particularly when it comes to sushi. Early risers who attend the market’s tuna auction will be treated to a once-in-a-lifetime show.

A vending machine can sell almost anything.

From dog food to ramen noodle to bananas, vending machines in Tokyo sell almost anything from the useful to the absolutely worthless.

Wrestlers in Training at a Sumo Stable

Observing the training of some of the country’s greatest sumo wrestlers is the best way to grasp the seriousness of this sometimes misunderstood sport.

At a Cat Cafe, you can unwind.

Yes, it may seem unusual, but who says pets have to be left out of vacations? The unique breeds of Neko JaLaLa are a must-see for true cat lovers.

Take a stroll through Akihabara.

This area, known for its never-ending sea of electronic stores, comic books, and anime and manga locations, is a must-see for fans of these Japanese cultural staples.

Visit the Senso-ji Temple

From the moment you step through the massive Buddhist lantern known as the ‘Thunder Gate,’ Japan’s oldest Buddhist temple is breathtaking.

Sing a Karaoke Song

For maximum chaos, get together with a group of friends at your own private booth and order the all-you-can-drink service.

That’s all there is to it! Let’s obtain our best prices and travel to the Land of the Rising Sun….

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