Infant and Toddler Best Travel Cot

Parents tested our top picks for the best cots and bassinets to give your infant or toddler a portable sleeping area for travel.

When away from home, newborns and toddlers can sleep safely in portable travel cots. They are ideal for trips, breaks, and overnight stays. Because they are lightweight, fold into a portable style with a carry handle, and feature collapsible sides.

To identify the top models for your family. We thoroughly evaluated a wide range of models and studied the travel cot market. Here, you may get anything from a secure item for a newborn to a roomy cot for an older kid. Although, if you’re searching particularly for a playpen, check out our top playpens for babies and toddlers. Some travel cots may also be used as playpens for a baby. Check out our selection of cosy bedding ideas, which has been tried and true by actual parents and their children.

I need a portable cot, but why?

The portability of travel cots is one of their key advantages. It would be difficult to disassemble and transport a regular cot because they are frequently made of wood. Disassembly of a travel cot often takes a few minutes. Sometimes even seconds. Some of the cots on our list fold up tiny enough to fit in a suitcase or overhead locker next to the stroller.

Travel cots are a portable sleeping solution that eliminates the need to rely on lodging at your location. They can assist children. Who travel frequently fall asleep in an unfamiliar environment because they are as familiar to them as their normal bed.

At a glance: the top travel cots
  • The easiest travel cot to assemble is: Stardust Bugaboo, $199
  • Best compact travel cot with a comfortable mattress: Travel Cot by Venture, £109.99
  • Micralite Sleep & Go, £175, is the best travel cot for older toddlers.
  • The best travel cot for extras is: £125 Graco Contour Electra
  • Red Kite Sleeptight Travel Cot, £37, is the best travel cot for the money.
  • Nuna Sena Aire, $250, is the best travel cot for improved airflow.
  • The most adaptable travel cot is: Travel Cot by Hauck Sleep’n Play, $59.95
  • The best travel cot for sporadic use is: £65 for the Cuggl Deluxe Superlight Travel Cot
  • Best infant travel cot: Joie Kubbie Sleep, £115
  • Red Kite Dreamer Bedside Travel Crib, £65, is the ideal travel crib for cosleeping.
  • Best travel cot for no weight restriction: Lightweight BabyBjörn Travel Cot, $220
Things to consider when purchasing a travel cot

Portability – Travel cots are made of lighter-weight materials and are made to be carried and stowed with ease. However, since they are still cots, none of them can be folded down to a very small size. Look for the folded design that best meets your needs because they fold into various forms. In order to fit in a car boot. Some of the travel cots on our list fold into a long.

Weight – Travel cots come in a wide range of weights. We identified ones that weigh as little as 7 kg and others that are a hefty 11 kg. Consider how frequently you’ll use it and whether you’ll be carrying it up. Down stairs or into and out of a car. A ultra light travel cot can be the ideal option for you if you want to use it frequently. Undoubtedly, a heavier cot will feel more solid and have more features.

Ease of assembly/disassembly

Once you get the hang of it. Putting up and taking down a travel cot should take only minutes, if not seconds. Though many have a knack and require pieces to be assembled in a very certain order, do read the directions.

Age suitability – There is a wide range of age fit for travel cots. Most travel cots can be used from birth; we’ve listed the manufacturer’s recommendations. However, those with built-in bassinets provide a cosier, higher sleeping environment for babies. Some of them can even be utilised as a bedside cot thanks to their drop-down sides. Some cots are only suited for a few months of use, while others can be used for over 3.5 years.

Mattress: Compared to regular cot mattresses, travel cot mattresses are typically thinner and tougher. Travel cots are typically not advised for extended nighttime sleeping because they are difficult to fold and store. But keep in mind that a firm mattress is necessary for your infant to sleep safely. This does not imply, however, that your youngster will not be comfortable. The majority of manufacturers will advise against adding an additional mattress to a travel cot.

Additional features – Once babies can sit up, several travel cots can double as a useful playpen. If you frequently travel with a baby, some additionally include a changing station, which may be helpful.

What, when, and where will your travel cot be used for?

When weighing weight, functionality, and price, consider how often you’ll use it and where. For instance, you won’t need to worry too much. About weight and ease of assembly if the travel cot will be used for overnight visits at relatives or friends every month, especially if it can stay assembled.

A mattress with good breathability and a mesh panel all around are important considerations for vacations in warm areas. These improve air flow and offer a more comfortable sleeping environment for your youngster. Some travel cots come with an insect net and sun protection, or you can choose to add them.

Investigate your airline’s luggage policies if your trip involves a flight. Your best option might be a lightweight, easily assembled folding type.

What is the price of a travel cot?

Our collection includes travel cots in the £30 to £200 price range, offering a very broad range. We demand a secure, comfortable, and reliable sleeping environment from products of all prices.

Our reviewers looked at some of the more affordable options and discovered. That while they did the job and worked well as a travel cot. They were rather basic and had few additional features. For instance, don’t expect a cheaper travel cot to come with a changing station.

We continue to demand good value (not overpriced). Premium materials, and extra attention put into a design when looking for more upscale travel cots. Additionally, it is simpler to obtain your money’s worth from a more expensive travel cot the more frequently you travel.

The top travel cots for 2023 are listed below.

1. One is the £199 Bugaboo Stardust.
– The easiest to assemble

Newborn bassinet: Yes | Awards: Gold – Travel Cot, MadeForMums Awards 2022 | Suitable from: birth (with newborn insert) to 2 years | Travel cot weight: 6.7kg | Unfolded dimensions: L64cm x W98cm x H85cm | Folded dimensions: L65cm x W14cm x H85cm

Forget fiddly folds; the Bugaboo Stardust’s pop-up style system opens in a matter of seconds by simply pulling on both edges of the cot when it is flat. It’s ideal for hassle-free bedtimes while you’re away from the convenience of home.

It conveniently collapses back into its original shape in the same amount of time, but it should be noted that this model collapses into a huge, flat shape equivalent to a suitcase, making it better suited to sliding into a car trunk or under a bed than taking public transportation.

Even though it is one of the most expensive travel cots on our list, the Stardust can still provide excellent value if you use it frequently with your child. With her 4-month-old, MFM home tester Rovenna gave it a try. She commented, “It’s amazing that it features an elevated zip-in infant bassinet or a deep bed for toddlers, as well as a nice and amply filled built-in mattress. It can be simply moved from room to room and transported in its convenient carry case because it is small and lightweight.

  • Possibilities for two mattress heights, fastest assembly
  • Cons: When folded, it’s quite big.
2. Venture Airpod Travel Cot ($109.98)
– Lightweight with a solid mattress is best

Suitable from birth to 3 years | Weight of travel cot: 6 kg | Dimensions when unfolded: L85cm x W55cm x H66cm | Dimensions when folded: 60cm x 15cm x 50cm | Newborn bassinet: No

This travel cot is incredibly light, cosy, and portable. It has mesh panels on all four sides and comes in a variety of hues. The mesh allows you to see your baby or toddler clearly and ensures that there is excellent airflow at night.

Because they are frequently thin and flimsy, travel cot mattresses are frequently the component that parents are least satisfied with. The Airpod travel cot, however, boasts a higher-grade, more opulent mattress than you may anticipate. We discovered that the mattress in this travel cot was of far greater quality, despite the fact that the Cuggl Deluxe is extremely similar and considerably less expensive.

Even without an all-in-one pop-up construction, this cot is still simple to set up and take down; in fact, several of the parents who participated in our home testing didn’t even require the instructions. According to MFM home tester Sarah, “it was very easy to remove from the carry case and put the cot together.” It was very simple to disassemble and reassemble in the travel case. No tinkering or extra components. It was the simplest baby thing I’ve ever assembled.

Although the Airpod Travel Cot can be used from birth, a bassinet, which some parents choose for their new baby, is not included. The portable cot is spacious, doubles as a play pen, and provides babies and toddlers with a comfortable place to sleep at night.

  • Positives: Mesh design, nice mattress, easy to assemble and collapse
  • Cons: No baby bassinet; playpen cannot be used.
3. Micralite Sleep & Go ($150).
For older toddlers only

Suitable from birth (with bassinet) to roughly three years old | Travel cot weight: seven kilogrammes | Unfolded dimensions: L112 cm x W80 cm x H67 cm | Folded dimensions: L88 cm x W34 cm x H17 cm | Newborn bassinet: yes (optional purchase) | MFM Review Star Rating: 4.3 stars

The Sleep & Go travel cot by Micralite has multiple uses, including playpen, infant cot bed and newborn crib (although the slanted shape prevents it from sitting flush against the bedside).

The Micralite Sleep & Go travel cot weighs 7 kg, making it lightweight and portable, but if you only require a travel cot sometimes, you should think about the cost. Despite this, there remains value because of the travel cot’s versatility and ability to be used at home. Additionally, it is durable since, unlike most travel cots, this one’s base rests on the floor, which eliminates its weight restriction of 15 kg. 

The Micralite Sleep & Go includes a comfy carry strap and won’t fold up as compact as some of the other items on our list, but it will still fit in a vehicle boot. With her infant daughter in tow, MFM reviewer Vita put the travel cot to the test. She wrote, “The bag is not small, but given the strong all-in-one design, it actually seems fairly compact.

  • Benefits include versatility, ease of assembly, and weight flexibility.
  • Cons: When folded up, not the tiniest.
4. The £125 Graco Contour Electra
– Excellent for extras

From birth to 15 kg; 10 kg for the travel cot; 91 cm by 73 cm by 104 cm; 85 cm by 23 cm; and yes, a newborn bassinet.

This might be the product for you if you’re seeking for a travel cot that can serve two, three, or even four purposes. A cot-top changing unit and a mobile, battery-operated unit that plays music and vibrates the cot are just a couple of the additional features that the Graco Contour Electra comes with.

The entire unit is on wheels so it can be easily moved, and there is a newborn bassinet that fastens in to keep the newborns close. Even though it’s not the lightest item on our list, you can make it much easier to transport or carry by removing any accessories you aren’t using, such the changer or bassinet.

  • Pros: Lots of accessories, excellent bassinet for newborns
  • Cons: Bulky and perhaps challenging to transport
5. Red Kite Travel Cot Sleeptight, $37
Best value for money

Suitable from birth to 15 kg (around 3.5 years) | Travel cot weight: 8.7 kg | Dimensions when unfolded: L99 cm x W59.5 cm x H80.5 cm | Dimensions when folded: L27 cm x W25 cm x H80.5 cm | Newborn bassinet: No | MFM Review Star Rating: 4.2 stars

The Red Kite Sleeptight Travel Cot, the least expensive option on our list, is an excellent alternative if you’re searching for a cost-effective but reliable solution. The mattress is fairly thin, as you might anticipate, so if you decide to seek for a second one, make note of the measurements and make sure whatever you choose is the right size. There must be no gaps at the edges and it must fit tightly.

Despite this cot’s wallet-friendly price point, it nevertheless offers several of essential design features, like a fully padded top rail and mesh sides for visibility and airflow. Once completed, it felt sturdy, according to our MFM reviewer and parent testers as well. According to one parent tester, “It feels secure, with the side bars locking in place, and is sturdy enough to accommodate a lively toddler.”

  • Affordable and simple to assemble
  • Negative: A new mattress may be required.
6, Nuna Sena Aire, $250
– Ideal for boosting airflow

3.5 years) | Travel cot weight: 10 kg | Unfolded dimensions: L73.5cm x W107cm x H74.5cm | Folded dimensions: L24cm x W28cm x H86cm | Newborn bassinet: Yes | MFM Review Star Rating: 4.5 stars

One of the Nuna Sena Aire’s key draws is its emphasis on airflow. The mesh mattress features two levels of airflow through layers of ventilated cushioning in addition to the 360-degree mesh lined air flow on the cot and bassinet. This will guarantee that the baby is breathing in enough of fresh air and that the parents can see the child well.

Additionally, you receive a certified organic cotton sheet that many travel cots do not include as an added bonus. There is also an insect nest and changing unit available for additional cost if your budget allows.

  • Good airflow, one-handed installation, and skid-proof feet are positives.
  • Cons: Heavy frame, high cost
7. The Hauck Sleep’n Play Centre Travel Cot costs £79.95.
– Top features for versatility

Suitable from birth to 15 kg (about 3.5 years), travel cot weighs 8.5 kg, unfolded dimensions are L125 cm x W68.5 cm x H82 cm, and folded measurements are L22 cm x W21 cm x H76.5 cm.

With all the bells and whistles for less than £100 is the Hauck Sleep’n Play Centre Travel Cot. A zip-down side panel for a fun playpen adventure (crawl in – crawl out), a fun design with pops of colour, and high and low sleeping positions (reducing back strain) are some of these features.

It can be pulled along like a suitcase when folded up thanks to its two wheels, which makes it easy to move around.

It’s safe to say that the German brand has triumphed with an extraordinarily impressive 4.5 stars out of more than 7000 ratings on Amazon. In customer feedback, excellent value and quality are frequently mentioned. One parent wrote in an Amazon review, “It is pretty substantial but that provides it the stability. We also ordered the extra mattress for when we need to use it as a bed. Other reviewers also reiterated the higher weight and inadequate mattress.

Despite having an RRP of £89, bargain hunters will be glad to learn that we’ve found online bargains for less than £60, making this choice an excellent return on investment.

Benefits include a folding wheel and a changing table.

Cons: Requires a second mattress

8. The Cuggl Deluxe Superlight Travel Cot costs £65.
– Best for sporadic use

Suitable from birth to 15 kg | Weight of travel cot: 6 kg | Dimensions when unfolded: L85 cm x W56 cm x H86 cm | Dimensions when folded: L50 cm x W61 cm x H15 cm | Newborn bassinet: No |

This travel cot is one of our list’s lightest and most economical options, weighing in at just 6 kg. It’s a reliable alternative at a fair price if you’re searching for an all-arounder for sporadic use during your child’s first few years of life. It can be put together quickly and folded into the size of a suitcase, but regrettably it is not quite tiny enough to be carried on as hand luggage.

The built-in mattress is 2.5 cm deep, which puts it on par with the majority of travel cot mattresses but maybe not as good as models like the Bugaboo Stardust. The cot is often smaller than some alternative options, but it also folds up smaller as a result. Because of the 15kg weight restriction, the majority of children will outgrow it by the time they are 2.5 years old. The Venture TravelPod and the Micralite Sleep ‘n’ Go offer a somewhat longer lifespan but cost a little more if you’re searching for longevity beyond that.

Advantages: Lightweight, compact, simple to install, and reasonably priced

Cons: Poor quality mattress, limited weight capacity, and small footprint

9. Joie Kubbie Sleep Portable Crib, $115
– Ideal for infants

Newborn bassinet: Yes | MFM Review Star Rating: 3.8 | Awards: Silver – Travel Cot, MadeForMums Awards 2022 | Suitable from: Birth to 15kg | Travel cot weight: 8.79kg | Unfolded dimensions: L99cm x W59.5cm x H80.5cm| Folded dimensions: L27 cm x W25 cm x H80.5cm

The Joie Kubbie Sleep combines the functionality of a travel cot with that of a bedside crib for parents who want a travel cot from birth, perhaps to keep at a family member or caregiver’s house. It has a drop-down side operated by a button that makes it easier to access a newborn while in bassinet mode. The exact functionality will vary depending on the type of bed you have because it sits rather high up, but in the early going when mum is recuperating, it could be a lifesaver.

When your kid is big enough, you just need to raise the side and lower the mattress to the cot’s base so it can double as a roomy playpen and travel cot till the child is 15 kg. Joie offers a fantastic instructional video to help. The pull-and-click feature takes a few minutes to get used to, and like others of this sort, there is an order you need to memorise to get it to go up and down smoothly.

Positives: Easy drop-side, grows with child

Cons: Not very light, difficult to set up and take down.

10. £65 for the Red Kite Dreamer Bedside Travel Crib
– Ideal for sharing a bed

Newborn bassinet: Yes | Awards: Bronze – Travel Cot, MadeForMums Awards 2022 | Suitable from: birth (with bassinet) to 15 kg | Travel cot weight: 7.6 kg | Unfolded dimensions: L99cm x W57cm x H76cm| Folded dimensions: L27cm x W71cm x H26m |

The Red Kite Dreamer, which has the same drop-side functionality incorporated into a more portable travel cot as the Joie Kubbie Sleep, is the ideal travel solution for families with babies who use a bedside cot at home.

When the infant is older, it transforms into a nearly one-meter-long travel cot that provides plenty of room for a developing toddler and a mattress that our parent testers really liked.This is one of the cosiest travel cot mattresses I’ve ever seen. 

Although it is only used for the first few months before switching to a complete travel cot, our testers did find the basinette insert for infants to be a touch fragile. It’s also one of the smaller and lighter things to tote.

Positives: enduring drop-side option, excellent mattress

Negative: Fake newborn insert

11. Lightweight BabyBjörn Travel Cot, $220
– Best for no maximum weight

Suitable from: 0 to 3 years | Weight of travel cot: 6 kg (with travel bag) | Unfolded dimensions: L 112 cm x W 64 cm x H 82 cm | Folded dimensions: L 49 cm x W 60 cm x H 14 cm | Newborn bassinet: No

For one of the most costly options on our list, this portable, lightweight cot wowed our parent tester in a number of ways.

Parents on the road won’t be let down by the company known for chic baby products thanks to a sleek silhouette, plush fabrics, and superior practicality. In contrast to tougher designs like the Joie Kubbie Sleep, it’s remarkably simple to assemble and fold down. Simply remove each leg, secure it with a click on the top frame.Then insert the mattress and use poppers to fasten it.

Given that the base rests on the floor, the extra-thick mattress is a necessary luxury. Because of this design. There is no weight restriction, which is a huge bonus for parents of children who are heavier than usual.

“I loved that the BabyBjorn has no weight limit,” adds Christy, who tested the cot with her tall 2-year-old. It’s ideal for a heavier toddler who isn’t ready for a bed. Even though we tested it on a hard tile floor, he slept exceptionally well.

The cot can be folded up and stored in a carry bag as a flat rectangle. Christy continues, “We took it as hold luggage out on our TUI fligh. We even could have fitted it inside our large family suitcase. To avoid dropping it off at the ‘oversized luggage’ desk.”

Advantages: Extra thick mattress, premium feel, no weight restriction, fast assembly, and comes with a carry bag

Cons: One of the most costly choices

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