The 12 Best Travel Clothes Manufacturers for 2023 

As a full-time traveller who has spent the last 10 months living out of a carry-on, I’ve picked up a few tips on how to put together the perfect travel wardrobe. The trick is understanding which brands to invest in. In the same way that I depend on my clothes to get me through a variety of scenarios, such as hoeing vines in Umbria and chasing waterfalls in Reykjavik. I must be able to count on their durability. Since I only have a few options each day, fashion and durability are also important considerations. I want each item to fit well and look nice, and I need them to last. 

Most essential, the parts must be simple to combine and match in order to maximise outfit alternatives while using the least amount of space. I don’t want something that requires a lot of maintenance because I’m constantly on the run. I place a high value on textiles that are sweat- and wrinkle-resistant (I’ve vowed never to wear anything made of 100% cotton again; it takes forever to dry and conducts heat poorly).

Our Favourites

With an emphasis on lightweight, reasonably priced items that are created responsibly.Everlane stands out among our favourite travel clothes brands because of its versatility. its fashionable pillars. Think cuffed chinos and breathable cashmere pullovers. They are composed of materials that can survive a little creasing in your suitcase and are made to last the test of time.

Who doesn’t enjoy a one-stop shop? Everlane also makes it simple to shop for base- and outer-layers in one location. The company takes pride in its commitment to “Radical Transparency,” which includes telling clients about the moral factories they work with and the reasonable prices of their products.

Range of prices: $35 to $270

Favourable SustainablePatagonia

Beyond providing quality travel essentials and tough outdoor clothing, Patagonia has long been a pioneer in the sustainability movement. The company runs a variety of initiatives to demonstrate its steadfast commitment to the environment.

 The company’s Worn Wear programme, which encourages customers to exchange their used clothing for Patagonia credit so that it can be recycled rather than dumped in a landfill, is the first of its kind. Additionally, the company runs Patagonia Action Works, which supports and collaborates with local groups fighting climate change, and provides 1% of all purchases to environmental preservation. 

Range of prices: $39 to $400

Best Outdoor Voices in Athleisure

What started off as a hip company with a memorable tagline (#DoingThings) has established itself as one of the most cosy and stylish athleisure companies around. Outdoor Voices is a go-to for performance gear that yet look nice thanks to their adorable matching sets for running, bicycling, hiking, or pretty much any other sport you’re into.

A nice addition to the brand’s selection of sports bras, nylon pullovers, workout leggings and other apparel is the weather-resistant RecTrek line. 

Range of prices: $28 to $260

Most Affordable Pretty Garden

While many of the companies on this list give reasonably priced basics, Pretty Garden is a focused fast-fashion company that can offer a variety of styles and colours when it comes to inexpensive travel necessities.

We really adore the tracksuits and jumpsuits that are soft and slouchy enough to feel like pyjamas but still look put together, like the Summer Casual Deep V Neck Short Sleeve.

Range of prices: $23 to $46

Favourite Outdoor Adventures

All of prAna’s items, which were originally intended for yoga, are made with movement and travel in mind. This apparel is a wonderful choice for any adventure you have planned because it is mostly elastic, water-resistant, and convenient to pack. Examples of adventures include hiking in the Rockies, climbing in Utah, or camping in a national park.

PrAna has also made a commitment to a zero-plastic policy when it comes to packaging, choosing to roll items up and knot them with recyclable raffia instead to cut down on waste. Many of the items have sweat-wicking fabric and built-in SPF, plus stylish and safe pockets to keep your things close to hand at all times. 

Range of prices: $18 to $220

SmartWool is ideal for base layers.

Due to its odor-resistance and moisture-wicking qualities, merino wool is one of the best textiles for travel and SmartWool is one of the leading suppliers of it. It is substantial enough to provide heat retention while you are moving yet lightweight enough to take up little baggage room.

Any traveller should have a strong base layer, but the specifics of what you need will mostly depend on the climate. Fortunately, SmartWool has clothing options for every season as well as for strenuous winter sports like ice climbing and skiing.

Ranging from $5 to $240

Best Uniqlo Everyday

Look no further than Uniqlo if you want to complete your travel wardrobe with a few more simple staples. Everything you need is available from lightweight, wrinkle-resistant dresses to cushioned coats that pack down to almost nothing and are convenient to carry around as an additional layer. 

Range of prices: $19 to $130

Athleta’s Best Outerwear

Athleta has a wide selection of clothes that you can wear from the tennis court to lunch at the clubhouse without seeming out of place. They are well-known for their flexible and soft athleisure line and ultra-cozy leggings.

It is simple to put together an outfit that seems temperature and activity appropriate without losing style thanks to its assortment of underlayers and outerwear. Additionally, the brand accommodates all sizes and has a “Preloved” area on its website where you may purchase used items. 

$10 to $300 is the price range.

Boden’s Best Swimwear

A stylish and classy addition to any beach day, Boden’s one-piece swimsuits and bikini sets are manufactured from recyclable fabrics. Bright florals, delicate scalloping, coastal scenes, and other playful designs make for eye-catching layers beneath sheer tops, and any garment that serves two purposes is a fantastic travel purchase.

There is nothing worse than a bikini set that fits you perfectly on top but sags on the bottom, so we love that you can mix and match the bikinis to create your own unique set in terms of both design and size.

Range of prices: $18 to $350

The BestDepartment of Supply

Ministry of Supply refers to its business casual attire as “workleisure,” which is relaxed and put-together enough to go directly from the airport to the boardroom. 

The exclusive Kinetic fabric smooths out wrinkles by absorbing your body heat and is made to stretch without sagging over time. Check out the Systems if you want to update your business trip attire.

Ranging from $9 to $500

Optimal Plus-sizeSportswear by Columbia

One of the most comfortable and functional lines of plus-size travel clothing for men and women is offered by Columbia, a brand well-known for its tough sportswear. The company provides sizes up to 3X and boasts everything from lightweight outer coats to warm base layers.

Ranging from $25 to $230

Fisher, Eileen

Eileen Fisher clothing is easygoing and classic while always being in style. The pieces are all adaptable and simple to dress up or down thanks to the simple shapes and patterns, which are a traveler’s greatest friend. We adore the fact that they were made with eco-friendly materials.

The Crushed Silk Tiered garment, which is available in five stylish colours and a large size range, is the perfect option if you’re looking for a garment that will turn heads while concealing the fact that you’ve had it crammed into a compression bag for four days.

$18 to $500 is the price range.

The Best Travel Clothing Brands Buying Guide
Layering is crucial

In order to be ready for any weather or situation, you should choose brands that provide a wide variety of products, from essentials and undergarments to outerwear, when looking to add to your travel wardrobe. 

Lightweight layers, which give greater versatility than heavier pieces you might not need or which might be overly warm, are the ideal way to maximise the space in your suitcase, unless you anticipate spending the majority of your stay in a colder region.

The better, the more adaptable

Every piece of clothing you pack should serve more than one purpose. For example, training leggings can be worn under dresses in cooler climates and one-piece swimsuits can be used as tops in hotter climates. 

To maximise your possibilities for outfits, look for pieces that can be styled in several ways or can be dressed up or down. In order to build a tailored and well-rounded travel wardrobe for your unique needs, it’s a good idea to get versatile pieces from a few different brands.

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