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Whether you’re travelling alone or with loved ones, having a nice trip can be one of life’s greatest pleasures. This is especially true today. To travel well, though, what does it mean? We’d say it involves minimising hassle, travelling with only what is absolutely necessary, and of course, travelling securely. According to Brian Lam, the founder of Wirecutter, “travelling properly is a tight balance. Between finding inspiration in the uncharted while grounded in something.” “Occasionally, that brings back memories of home, a family, a loved one, friends, etc. Sometimes all you have in your backpack is the comfortable, trusty goods.

And since the Wirecutter staff is particularly nomadic and has worked remotely from every continent except. Antarctica, we extensively drew on their experiences as well. The five of us who fly the most each year (normally) cover roughly a half-million miles between us.

Should you be driving

Following 1,500 miles of driving and 120 hours of research. We’ve identified the gear that is definitely necessary for your upcoming road trip.

It was completed

  • Packing
  • Clothing
  • Hygiene
  • Flying/riding
  • Connecting
  • Exploring
  • Just in case
  • Travel advice


A well-packed bag is one that has everything you actually need but less than you believe you need. You’ll have more freedom. If you can fit everything in one carry-on and one personal item rather of checking a bag or two. If (and when) things don’t go as expected, you’ll be happy you took the precaution.

In contrast to those whose bags were being held hostage by the airlines. Doug Dyment of OneBag says, “I’ve been in situations where I’ve landed in Chicago. On my way to New York and everything was snowed in. No flights were flying anywhere. But I was able to rent a car or take a train while everyone whose bags were being held hostage by the airlines were simply stuck.” Even though travelling with only your carry-on isn’t always possible or wise. Especially on lengthy business trips or to weddings. Where you’ll need many outfits to keep up appearances—always it’s wiser to skimp when in doubt.

Travel rucksack


The Cotopaxi Allpa 35L (for most travels) and the larger Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L are our top selections. For travellers determined to never check luggage again after six months of testing 22 bags. These bags are excellent carry-on travel backpacks with a focus on organisation, comfort, and toughness.

The bag has a full lifetime warranty, and its construction supports that.

Following four years of testing, Kit Dillon, senior staff writer who covers luggage for Wirecutter, has replaced nearly all of her travel bags and luggage with this one backpack (plus a personal item to stow under the seat).

The Allpa has very little administrative organisation, which is where the personal item comes in useful. There are places to store pencils and documents, areas to hold tickets, etc. As the name implies, “personal goods” are quite, well, personal, and no one bag will suit all travellers; in our entire guide to them, we provide a range of suggestions.

Carrying case (rolling)

Since 2015, we’ve investigated a number of dozen suitcases and tested the 47 most promising contenders in a range of scenarios, including having active flight attendants test luggage for us in a mock-up plane fuselage at their training facility. For most travellers who track fewer than 25,000 miles yearly, we found that the Travelpro Platinum Elite 21′′ Expandable Spinner offers the best features, durability, and affordability.

The wheels are sturdy, the Elite is reasonably light (at 7.8 pounds empty, it weighs roughly a pound less than the Magna 2’s predecessor), and it’s roomy enough to comfortably store five days’ worth of clothing. Although the Elite and Magna 2 are identical, the Elite has a smaller stowed handle, an extra outside pocket with a zipper, and a USB pass-through extension that let you to insert your own battery for charging your phone.

We advise the Briggs & Riley Baseline 22-Inch Domestic if you fly more than 25,000 miles annually and are ready to spend more money on a higher-quality device. With to a spacious interior and a sophisticated expansion and compression system that can adjust to different levels beyond open and shut, it can fit more clothing than any other bag we tested.

Examined a bag

Our first piece of advise is to reevaluate whether you need that additional clothing “just in case” if you need to pack more than a carry-on and a personal item can contain. Yet, there will be times when you need to bring extra footwear, formal attire, a winter coat, specialised gear (like diving or camping gear), or all of the above. There is no way to avoid checking a luggage in these circumstances.

We advise packing a travel rucksack if you’re visiting a place where you’ll be walking around a lot (or if the roads are made of cobblestone or dirt). The REI Co-op Ruckpack 60+ Recycled Travel Pack – Women’s for individuals with shorter torsos and the REI Co-op Ruckpack 60+ Recycled Travel Pack – Men’s for males (and tall ladies). The Ruckpack’s fully height-adjustable, highly padded straps may be stowed.

The 25-inch Travelpro Platinum Elite Expandable Spinner Suiter is our favourite piece of checked luggage if you don’t intend to stroll about with all your bags for the same reasons we enjoyed the carry-on size: It boasts superior organisational features than anything in its price range, is extremely sturdy, and has a stronger warranty.

Tags for bags

A decent luggage tag ought to be robust, easy to use, and covert.

The silicone body of the Ovener tag comes in four vibrant colours and appears to be practically unbreakable (you get two tags per pack). The metal grommet on this tag prevents the cable from eventually wearing through the silicone cover, unlike other tags that also use metal cables. While we were pulling the Travelon Luggage Tag, the cheap hard plastic easily cracked in half, and the Travelambo Genuine Leather Luggage Bag Tag broke when we did.

The Ovener makes it simple for a Good Samaritan to locate your contact information in the event that you misplace your bag. You must unscrew and remove the metal strap in order to properly access the information card, which then allows the card to slip out of the case. Most baggage tags we tested use this method to protect their information card.

Using a user ID number or a QR code to conceal information, as the Dynotag Smart Deluxe Steel Luggage Tag and the Okoban UID Luggage Tags do, is another method for enhancing privacy. These, however, appear to be unnecessarily intricate answers to an illogical problem.

Compressed bags

The Osprey StraightJacket’s side-zipper design gives access to the whole contents of the bag at once, unlike most compression bags that require you to empty out the stuff at the top in order to access the stuff below it. In contrast to typical compression sacks with lengthwise straps, the sideways attachment of the compression straps makes them less likely to tangle and twist.

The SegSac from GobiGear approaches the same access problem in a different way: To keep your socks separate from your underwear, winter accessories, towel, and other items, it has four inner dividers that span the length of the bag. This implies that you can access your socks without removing your T-shirts.

Packing trays

Your life could be changed by packing cubes. (Maybe just your travel-related life.) In essence, packing cubes are containers that you use to organise your clothing inside of your suitcase. They are wonderful in action even if they appear to be unnecessary. You can think of these cubes as distinct drawers if you visualise your suitcase as a dresser: Put all of your shirts in one container, all of your pants and socks in another and your gym attire in a third. Then take out only the desired cube. They make repacking and packing incredibly easy.

The full-size cube is ideal for insulating layers, shirts, and shorts. For socks, underwear, and other thin materials like sleepwear or stockings, the half-cube and quarter-cube are ideal. These cubes are composed of sturdy 300-denier polyester, making them easy to pack, and they stand upright when empty.

The Reveal set is probably well suited to the majority of travellers. But, the more expensive Eagle Creek Pack-It Isolation Cube Set is around 50% lighter than comparable-sized competitors if you place the greatest priority on lightness (just over 1 ounce for a medium cube, whereas the Eagle Creek classic style weighs about 4 ounces).


If your goal is improved portability, purchasing the correct equipment can assist manage your current travel kit, but it’s a red herring otherwise. Eytan Levy, sometimes known as the Snarky Nomad, a seasoned traveller, says that clothes is mostly what helps you carry less. This is due to the fact that the majority of your bag is made up of clothing, which is highly voluminous. Because you can always buy or rent something great in a rush, he advises packing simple-looking clothing for vacation rather than carrying around formalwear just in case.

Traveling lingerie

Even when travelling to a dirty location, wearing good pants keeps you feeling clean and fresh. We looked through a variety of men’s and women’s underwear to discover 34 pairs that met our requirements for the finest underwear: they had to be stretchy, stylish, moisture-wicking and breathable, quick-drying, odor-resistant, and cut to fit different body shapes.

Before putting the underwear to use in the real world, we underwent thorough testing that included wearing them for two days at a time, washing them repeatedly in the machine, and monitoring how quickly they dried when strung on a clothesline.

After that, we looked for wear indicators like fabric pilling and seam breaks. We repeatedly looked for durability issues as we tested the finalists. We evaluated each pair for comfort, fit, and if they appeared light and packable.

At first sight, the Patagonia Active Hipster doesn’t seem unique. We didn’t remember what “special” in a pair of underwear truly means until we had exhausted all other options and endured their failure to remain in place: the sensation of wearing nothing at all. Of all the pants we tried, the Patagonias feature the best fit, comfort, and style. The nylon fabric works well for athletic activity since it quickly wicks away moisture and resists odours better than most synthetic materials.


You’re missing out if you’ve never taken a pair of merino wool socks on the road. These soft, flexible socks have natural sweat-wicking and odor-resisting qualities that keep your toes pleasant in all circumstances—even when they’re wet—in contrast to the scratchy wool socks your grandfather wore in the army.

They are perfect for travelling because to their combination of odour, moisture, and temperature restrictions. Merino wool doesn’t necessarily need to be washed every day due to its inherent anti-bacterial characteristics; instead, it can air dry overnight while you sleep, making it appear as good as new.


A excellent pair of flip-flops for travelling should be affordable, light and flat. This makes them portable and ensures that losing them won’t be a problem. Our choice is the Havaiana Top after testing the wildly popular Havaianas, Ipanemas, Crocs, and Old Navy flip-flops (for men and women).

Brazilian classics made of high-density PVC are recognised throughout the world for their dependability, affordability, and traction even in rainy conditions. Compared to the 220 g Ipanemas, they only weigh 150 g. These are far more portable than the large, bulky Crocs.


Even if you’re attempting to carry as little as possible, OneBag author Doug Dyment advises making travel laundry a part of your regular routine rather than treating it as a big weekly event: “Laundry should be treated more regularly, like brushing your teeth. It can be completed in only five minutes. If you wash your socks and pants every night, you will always have clean socks and pants.

If you want detailed instructions on how to accomplish it and what you’ll need, consult OneBag’s laundry packing list, although it’s a rather straightforward setup: You only require a travel clothesline, a toiletry bottle of powdered detergent, and a towel to hasten drying. The drying process can be completed at night while you sleep.

You need a Flexo-Line because you want a surgical latex clothesline that is braided, not twisted, and has looped ends. The Flexo-Line includes loops that make it simple to attach to a door handle, bath spigot, or faucet. It can stretch up to 7 feet long, which is sufficient to span the majority of hotel bathtubs.

You desire a quick and simple process while washing your pants in a hotel sink. We advise using the no-rinse detergent for this. Soak. Well, we said not to rinse. You simply add a drop, fill the sink with water, and let your clothes soak. then hang after pressing out the water. Done.


When we first released this guide, this part simply covered packable towels, razors, and toiletry kits and bottles. Traveling also grew more challenging as the times changed.

These are simple to pack, therefore we do so now anytime we go.

Toiletries bag

Over the past few years, we’ve studied dozens of dopp kits and travel toiletry bags, and in our most recent round of testing, we evaluated 23 of the top candidates. We have a few different options that stand out due to their style, packability, and quality of construction after packing and unpacking a week’s worth of travel-size toiletries, conducting spill tests, and travelling with the best performers.

Compact and sturdy, the Sea to Summit Hanging Toiletry Bag (small). It’s compact enough to fit in a bag for your laptop or backpack, but it has enough travel-size amenities inside to last us a week. To see and reach your items with ease, you can open it and hang it from a towel rod or shower curtain.

It has a spacious compartment for bulkier lotions and hair care products, two micro-mesh zip pockets, an open pocket for toothbrushes, lip balm, and tweezers, and a mirror that is resistant to breakage.

Razor (faces) 

For our comprehensive razor guide, we examined and tested 100 manual razors before coming to the conclusion that the Gillette Mach3 is the best manual razor available. Even while using three blades takes a bit longer but results in a tighter shave, it performs on par with the most cutting-edge products and costs as little as half as much.

The ideal blend of speed, smoothness, and safety is offered by the Gillette Mach3. The Mach3’s three blades provide a precise shave without over-injuring the skin or becoming blocked with hair, and its straightforward, rounded handle is comfortable to hold and move.

Towel (packable) 

Twenty of the best towels were put to the test in a variety of scenarios, such as daily use in the shower, a trip to the beach, camping, and a 48-hour stay in a zip-top bag in the scorching Hawaiian heat. Overall, the Packtowl Personal Towel continues to be the finest travel towel for the majority of individuals.


You’ll probably be forced to sit in a less-than-ideal seat no matter how you arrive to your destination. Compression socks are among the popular travel accessories that promise to lessen this pain. Yet, they must be worth every cubic inch of space taken up by them when they take up valuable luggage room for the whole duration of your trip—not just the flight or train ride. You’ll be in a better position the less you have to rely on.

Neck support

The Travelrest Ultimate differs from the other travel pillows we examined because of its distinctively angled back, which allows it to lay flat on the seat back. Most other pillows have a rounded back, which pushes your head away from the headrest. Rubber grip dots are also included on the Travelrest to avoid slipping while you sleep.

Headphones with noise cancellation

The most adaptable active noise suppression we’ve yet tested is found in the Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 over-ear pair. There should be a setting that suits everyone’s needs among the 10 levels of noise reduction available. We really liked how comfy and light the design was, as well as how simple the controls were.


It can be challenging to sleep when you’re travelling due to strange noises. The Mack’s Ultra Soft Foam earplugs are the best earplugs for the majority of travellers, so we spent hours researching new competitors and testing four top brands while staying in a home close to an airport.

Slumber mask

We advise using the light-blocking, contoured Nidra Deep Rest sleep mask when bright lights make it difficult to get a good night’s rest. The Nidra blocked the most light on the most faces out of the 20 masks we tested throughout two rounds of testing. It has fabric lenses that sit around your eyes and is shaped to rest on your face like a pair of soft goggles (instead of directly over them).

Its design gives your eyes more room to move around during REM sleep, reducing the amount of eye redness during late-night trips. Makeup wearers will also appreciate that there is less danger of smudging thanks to the Nidra’s raised eye cups.

lining for a sleeping bag

You can protect yourself against scratchy, inexpensive, badly kept sheets at a hostel or hotel by using a silk sleeping bag liner. Silk is the best performing material, as well as having an obvious bling appeal. It is absorbent but dries quickly.

This distinguishes silk from synthetics and cotton, both of which quickly absorb odours and become uncomfortable. Due to silk’s strength and light weight, producers are able to provide you with full body coverage in a little package.


Few things compare to landing at the airport, picking up your phone, and having it immediately function. No hassles, no worry, and no concern over exorbitant roaming charges. Because your phone functions exactly as it does at home, you can check in with loved ones, determine the best route to your accommodations, and possibly post a few Instagram stories. This is particularly liberating and makes travelling much simpler. The best cables (USB-C, Lightning, and Micro-USB), Wi-Fi hotspots, Bluetooth speakers, and more can all be found in our accessory reviews. Of course, phones aren’t the only important gear to pack.)

Unlocking a cell phone

An unlocked smartphone that is compatible with the low-cost, prepaid phone plans you can sign up for at your destination is one of the most practical devices for international travel. Unless your carrier (such as T-Mobile or Google Fi) offers plans that include high-speed data that you can use worldwide, travelling with a phone under contract with a major carrier means paying a fortune for data.

The inconvenience of having to unlock a phone is justified by the ability to instantly use data-hungry apps like Google Maps or Google Translate. For free and simple communication with both individuals at home and those you meet while travelling, use Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. Also, there is email, TripAdvisor, banking, social media, and other checking to do.

Plug converter

The Epicka Universal Travel Adapter stands out in a sea of nearly identical travel adapters by incorporating the best qualities we search for. It has a US-style plug plus the three most typical foreign plugs, so you should be covered in the vast majority of nations.

All universal travel adapters, however, are far bigger and more expensive than straightforward plug adapters, and none of them are actually universal. A plug adapter might be what you need if you want the smallest adaptor possible or if you’re travelling somewhere where a universal adapter won’t function (more on that in a moment).

The Ceptics’ tiny plug adapters are no bigger than the converted prongs. They’re ideal for someone who wants to carry only the necessary converter and already has a multiport USB wall charger that they prefer because they’re small, straightforward, and affordable.

This kit includes the US plug along with the three most popular overseas plugs. Just like our top recommendations for universal adapters. It also contains a rather uncommonr plug with two thick, cylindrical prongs that is used in various European nations.

Gadget and wire management system

Since every gadget now has a battery, a charger, and a cable. Not to mention power-plug converters if you’re going abroad. The sheer number of accessories required. To keep your gadgets functional can sometimes take up more room than the actual gadgets. You can bet that you will have to haphazardly dig them out of the least convenient place at the bottom of your suitcase. If you don’t organise them.

USB power banks

A USB battery pack, often known as a power bank. You can keep your tiny electronics running while you’re travelling, including phones, cameras, tablets, and more. Whatever your needs, we have a couple of decent USB battery options for you. However the length of your journey will ultimately determine exactly. How much extra juice you’ll need to have on hand.


While you’re on vacation, try not to become too engrossed in technology. Because you can forget the purpose of your trip, which is to explore a new location. Using headphones and focusing on a screen while travelling is similar. It gives the impression that you are distant and uninterested in the world around you.

If you really want to be left alone. That might be a good thing, but Dyment continued by saying that some of his most memorable travel moments came from just appearing lost and asking for assistance from locals. “One moment you’re a foreigner wandering in a strange village, and the next person asks you for directions. You soon find yourself having dinner with his family before you know it.

Traveling scopes

Our best pick for binoculars is tough and excellent for hikes close to home. The Athlon Optics Midas ED 842 binoculars deliver outstanding quality in hot or dusty settings that may require a clearer optical boost. Its focus dial’s wide depth range makes it simpler to see everything you want, whether it’s birds, grass, or darkened woodland areas.

Our proposal is supported by a professional ornithologist who spent over 100 hours testing 17 pairs of binoculars in the Southern Californian mountains and the southern Mexican rain forests.

Book Reader

The ability to read books while travelling without having to carry them makes getting a Kindle Paperwhite Kids worth it. The device’s 6.8-inch screen has the same 300 dots per inch pixel density as every other similar and high-end ebook reader, so it shows clear, legible images and text. The Kindle Paperwhite Kids is our favourite ebook reader (even for adults), and it’s lightweight and portable. It has an adjustable colour temperature that may be easier on your eyes and a side-lit screen that lets you read in low light.

Water bottle for travel

Try a little water bottle that you can tuck into your suitcase and fill once you pass through airport security if you’re sick of paying for a litre of water every time you fly. We searched for a dependable collapsible travel bottle for years, but we kept coming up empty-handed: the HydraPak failed, the Hydaway tasted plasticky, the Vapur and the Platypus collapsed (badly), and the Nomader didn’t compact down very tiny.

Our real advice for airport travel is a squeeze bottle designed for cycling that is simple, light, and affordable; we particularly enjoy the CamelBak Podium. In addition to being dishwasher safe, it has a twist lock that gives you further comfort that it is secured tightly when you throw it in a bag.

Compact daypack

A stowable daypack, or one that collapses to fit in your luggage when not in use, requires only a small amount of packing space but provides a lot of flexibility and usefulness. The Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Travel Daypack was chosen as the top finalist after extensive testing that involved packing, unloading, loading, donning, and immersing dozens of packable daypacks with varying degrees of portability, features, and pricing.


You can’t top a pocket notebook’s mobility, usefulness, and romanticism for journaling your travel experiences. Field Notes is the best option in the area (three-packs available in a variety of styles and types). Field Notes is essentially the undisputed pocket notebook champion, according to the Pen Addict’s Brad Dowdy. These pocket-sized notebooks are well-known for their exceptional paper quality.

Just in case

While you’re travelling, both where you are and where you’re not, anything can go wrong. Even while you can’t plan for every worst-case scenario, having some level of preparation will provide you peace of mind and enable you to concentrate on what is in front of you rather than worrying about what might go wrong. Yet being prepared goes beyond simply stocking up on supplies in case, it also entails making the best use of what you already have.

A sewing kit

Nothing can ruin a trip like a mishap with your outfit, especially if you’re packing light. With the aid of a good travel-size sewing kit. You can quickly replace a busted button or ripped seam. Or even more urgent problems like mending a tent, sleeping bag or backpack.


A travel umbrella should be compact, lightweight, reliable, and reasonably priced. The Repel Windproof Travel Umbrella is the best umbrella for most people. According to our analysis after 66 hours of research and 48 umbrellas were tested in five rounds (including one thunder-snowstorm).

The Repel may be folded into a 14-ounce, 1112-inch-long compact that is simple to fit into most bags. Glove compartments. A button press causes it to forcibly expand, revealing a large 37-inch-diameter canopy. That shields your head and chest from rain in all but the windiest circumstances. All sizes of hands can easily hold its long, textured handle.

Travel advice

pack for clothes

Doug Dyment of One Bag tried a variety of folding tools and products that claimed to compress and prevent wrinkles. But he was dissatisfied with the results. Disappointed, he created the Bundle Method. Which he has used and improved through several decades of travel, as his own system for compactly packing clothing.

On a level surface, stack your shirts and trousers at right angles, then wrap them around a compact ‘core’ parcel. This technique is known as the ‘Bundle Technique’ (e.g. a packing cube full of underwear and socks). We won’t go into specifics, but Dyment does so on his website; you may view this simple-to-follow NBC video. The bundle that is produced is small and free of creases that will need to be ironed later.

Nonetheless, unpacking is a healthy habit to develop since it lets your garments breathe, which prevents wrinkling or mildew. Brian Lam, the founder of Wirecutter and a frequent traveller. Claims that unpacking as soon as he enters a room has a grounding effect. That makes him feel a little more at home in a strange place.

If this sounds like too much work for you. You can follow our lead before learning about bundling. Roll up your socks and pants tightly and put them in packing cubes. Then put your wrinkle-prone clothing (shirts, pants, skirts, dresses and jackets) in a garment folder. Since it’s the lightest option, we chose the Eagle Creek Pack-It Reveal Garment Folder.

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