There are 13 amazing places to visit in Alleppey

Alleppey, also known as Alappuzha, is a lovely city in Kerala known as the “Venice of the East” or “Venetian Capital of Kerala” because of its picturesque environment, canals, beaches, and lagoons. Alleppey is also known for its backwaters, which attract a huge number of tourists who are drawn to the beautiful houseboats that ply these waters on a daily basis. These houseboats, which number in the hundreds, provide tourists with a pleasurable journey as well as other amenities. Although houseboats are the first thing that springs to mind when you think about Alapuzha, there are many more intriguing locations to explore in Alleppey.

1. Alleppey Beach

Beaches are the attractions of a coastal city, and Alleppey Beach is one of the first locations to visit in Alleppey. It’s one of India’s cosiest beaches, and watching the sunset from here is a real treat. Look for a few coastal restaurants around Alleppey Beach that provide mouth-watering dishes and chilled beer if you wish to enjoy a drink by the sea. At the beachside coffee shops, you may also get a hot mug of coffee.

2. Alleppey Lighthouse

Climb the ancient Alleppey Lighthouse for a breathtaking aerial view of the beach and its surrounds. This towering edifice is painted red and white, with a tiny museum depicting the lighthouse’s history and a few ancient oil lamps on show. The lighthouse was established in 1862 and has since evolved into a popular tourist destination. The Alleppey Lighthouse is undoubtedly one of the must-see Alapuzha tourist attractions that should be on your itinerary.

3. Mullakkal Devi Temple

Mullakkal Devi Temple, one of Alleppey’s most popular tourist attractions, is the only temple in the city without a roof over the deity’s head or the main sanctum. Mullakkal temple, a well-known religious landmark in Alleppey, is devoted to Goddess Durga and also has idols of Lord Hanuman, Lord Krishna, and Ayyappa. It is open to people of all faiths and features magnificent Kerala-style architecture. This temple, which is located in the heart of the city, attracts devotees who come to honour and adore God on a daily basis.

4. Kidangamparambu Devi Temple

The Kidangamparambu Devi Temple is arguably the best of Alleppey’s many attractions and should not be missed. It is a significant Hindu temple dedicated to the deity Sree Bhuvaneeswari Devi in Kerala. The entire temple is a work of beauty and an architectural marvel worth seeing. The Kidangamparambu Devi temple’s interiors feature finely painted Hindu god sculptures on the walls, as well as paintings on the temple’s gates. Unlike most temples, Kidangamparambu Devi allows you to go throughout the entire complex.

5. RKK Memorial Museum

Spend a couple hours at the RKK Memorial Museum for the best local experience. Mr Revi Karunakaran’s wife Betty Karan, a well-known Alleppey businesswoman, founded the museum in his honour. RKK Memorial Museum, one of the top Alapuzha tourist attractions, is a must-see for anybody interested in antiques and unique collections. You can see his personal collection inside the museum, which was amassed over three generations and is now on exhibit. The museum’s collection includes Tanjore paintings, Kerala antiques, Swarovski crystal collections, jade, and ivory, among other things. The building also has a distinctive architectural feature in the form of Greco-Roman columns. All four major Indian religions — Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism – can be experienced.

6. Andhakaranazhi Beach

The Andhakaranazhi beach is one of the most tranquil and serene spots to visit in Alleppey, and is ideal for a romantic outing with your better half or some family fun. This beach is quiet and calm, and it is less crowded than the others. It is the greatest place to go if you want to spend some time alone. It boasts a beautiful shoreline and is encircled by waving palm trees. A few boats are anchored near the beach, where you may sit and take in the breathtaking view of the sea and sand. On the beach, there are a few businesses where you can get some local delicacies and refreshing drinks.

7. Kuttanad Backwaters

A journey to the Kuttanad backwaters is a must-do on your Alleppey tourist list! Take a houseboat trip on the Kuttanad backwaters if you want to have a true Alleppey vacation. Sitting in the houseboat is a thrilling experience, and you feel completely at ease as you glide down the river. Enjoy the swish of the breeze while taking in the sights of the magnificent surrounds. The opportunity to sample local seafood delights is another advantage of riding aboard a houseboat.

8. Krishnapuram Palace 

The Krishnapuram Palace is one of the top sites to visit in Alleppey if you want to learn more about Kerala’s culture and history. Anizham Thirunal Marthanda Varma erected the palace, which has now been converted into a museum. The palace’s outside structure is typical of South Indian architecture, particularly Travancore kingdom architecture. The palace is home to exhibits, paintings, and artefacts, as well as the massive Gajendra Moksham artwork, which is the largest of its kind in Kerala.

9. St. Andrew’s Basilica

The St. Andrew’s Basilica is a well-known pilgrimage site in Alleppey and the world’s largest St Sebastian shrine. The basilica was erected by Portuguese missionaries in the 1500s in the genuine Gothic style, with lofty towers on either side. While visiting this location, one may also take in the wonderful view of the Arabian Sea from behind the church. The finest time to come is in January, when the basilica’s patron saint, St. Andrew, is commemorated with a feast. Locals refer to the feast as the makaram perunnal. The feast is celebrated with excitement and gladness with a procession through the village. This church is, without a doubt, one of the best in Alleppey.

10. Marari Beach

Marari Beach, one of the most beautiful spots to visit in Alleppey, promises peace and tranquility as you enter its crystal blue seas and golden beach. It’s another popular beach with couples and families who prefer Alapuzha’s less-crowded beaches. You will be rejuvenated by the swaying palm trees and the picturesque magnificence of the beach. Long hikes, a swim in the water, and wonderful seafood are just a few of the things you can do here.

11. Pathiramanal Alappuzha

We recommend Pathiramanal Lake as one of the most beautiful spots to visit in Alleppey for a relaxing vacation. This lake is scenic and tranquil, making it ideal for a day spent outside. This peaceful lake, located on the charming Pathiramanal island in the Alapuzha district, is the ideal place to unwind and rest. Picnics and camping are both possible due to the abundance of open space. Aside from the water, the island has several interesting sights to explore. Hiking through dense forests and lakes is also an option.

12. Karumadikuttan

The Karumadikuttan, which literally translates to a boy from Karumady, is a 3-foot tall Buddha statue at Alleppey’s Buddhist tourist spot. The statue comes from the 10th century AD and is made of black granite. Although one half of the statue has been destroyed, the other half remains intact, and this location attracts a large number of locals and visitors who want to see this ancient Buddha monument. Because the line to worship the statue is frequently long, go early in the morning when there are fewer people.

13. Mannarasala Temple

If you believe in serpent worship, the Mannarasala Temple is one of the most fascinating temples in Alleppey and a must-see. The temple is dedicated to snakes and was constructed in honour of Nagaraja, the serpent God. More than 1 lakh paintings of snakes can be found on the roads and trees within the temple grounds. Women worship Lord Nagaraja for fertility and childbirth, and the shrine is supervised by a priestess. A special turmeric paste is created, dedicated to the deity, and distributed to devotees since it is said to have particular therapeutic properties.

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