Traveling on a Budget in 2022 | Best Budget Destinations

Do you want to go somewhere inexpensive? We have you covered. These are some of the greatest cheap travel destinations throughout the world, according to some of the best travel blogs. It should not be difficult to find inexpensive trip destinations. We have a wealth of materials at our disposal to assist us in making judgments about economical vacation places. This isn’t always the case, however.

To save money, you don’t necessarily have to hunt for a budget destination or a cheap country to visit. Sometimes a budget-friendly trip is right at the top of your bucket list. What better way to learn about cheap places than to ask some of the best travel bloggers?

Valencia, Spain

Many people believe that there are no inexpensive destinations to visit in Western Europe, however this is incorrect. We must first consider what is inexpensive. Spain is more expensive than Thailand. However, Spain is less expensive than England, Switzerland, Canada, and many other countries. The key to locating an inexpensive vacation spot is to look for one that offers a range of activities, restaurants, low-cost grocery stores, and many transportation options. Valencia, Spain, offers it everything and then some. Valencia can be reached in a variety of ways. You can fly, rail, or even take a very cheap and pleasant bus from another European country, depending on where you are coming from. Once you’ve arrived,


It is a location that will suit most travellers, especially the discriminating, with its scenic villages, lively culture, wonderful food, and rich history. It is also sometimes considered the cheapest European country to vacation in. Skopje, the capital, is famed for its recently restored city centre, which is brimming with monuments. However, Matka Canyon, some 15 kilometres west of the city, is a sight to behold. Hikers and watersports enthusiasts will like this destination.

I recommend visiting Lake Ohrid on the Albanian border to get a sense of Macedonia. It’s one of Europe’s oldest and deepest lakes, and it’s a great spot for kayaking, sailing, scuba diving, and even paragliding. In fact, at only 49 EUR, Macedonia is one of Europe’s cheapest paragliding destinations. 

Warsaw, Poland

Poland is one of the European Union countries that has not yet adopted the Euro as its official currency.As a result, the local currency, the Polish zloty, is four times cheaper than the euro, resulting in significantly lower prices than in Western Europe.Warsaw (the capital) and Krakow are the most popular places, but I highly recommend visiting Poland’s off-the-beaten-path destinations, as this country has so much to offer. From the highlands to the sea, there are beautiful lakes and various National Parks to explore. Poland would undoubtedly satisfy both nature lovers and those seeking nightlife and historic architecture. The majority of the natural wonders are free to view, however national parks do charge a nominal fee.

Prague, Czech Republic

The country has good transportation infrastructure, and the majority of the population speaks English, making it simple for those who are unfamiliar with the language.

A pint in a Prague pub costs between $1 and $3, while a night in a hostel costs roughly $10. To make the most of your trip to Prague, check out these top hotels. This has contributed to Prague’s burgeoning tourism economy. There are many things to do in this country that are not expensive. When it comes to nightlife, there are numerous pubs and clubs to choose from. Furthermore, there are a plethora of reasonable eateries to select from, with the most expensive meals costing between 8 and 12 euros.

Tbilisi, Georgia

Tbilisi is ideal for budget tourists because to its abundance of budget-friendly eateries and cafes, free walking tours, and ticketless sites (which range from a 4th-century stronghold to modern art spaces). Meanwhile, unique experiences such as a sulphur bath (a must-do in Tbilisi, which gets its name from its proximity to natural hot springs) are affordable. A private luxury bath can be found for less than $25 per person.Tbilisi has a variety of inexpensive housing options, including boutique hostels that start at $5 per night. Guesthouses are also an excellent choice, particularly if the nightly rate includes a home-cooked breakfast.Tbilisi’s public transit is inexpensive and convenient. A metro ticket costs only 50 tetri (17 cents) to passengers.

Belgrade, Serbia

Although Europe is not the cheapest continent to travel around, there are a few areas within it that will more than fulfil your budgetary requirements. Belgrade, Serbia, is one of these locations. This is a place that has had a turbulent history and has spent the last 20 years trying to recover from it. Belgrade, Serbia’s capital, has seen tremendous change and expansion to become a beautiful and hospitable city to visit. It’s not just lovely, but also quite affordable. It is relatively simple to go to Belgrade, and affordable aeroplane and bus fares are available. If you’re visiting any of the adjacent Eastern European nations, you can take a bus – it’ll take a long time.

Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Bosnia-Herzegovina, with Sarajevo as its capital, is a fairly economical and nevertheless wonderful nation to visit in Europe. It cannot compare to places in Southeast Asia, but it is one of the most cost-effective locations in Europe, with a lot of value for money. In comparison to its neighbours, Croatia (particularly Zagreb) and even Montenegro, travel in Bosnia and Herzegovina is fairly economical. At Sarajevo, a decent supper in a restaurant costs less than $10 (without drink), while street food is only a few dollars (currency is actually the KM). For less than 5€, you can get a (very large) vegetarian pizza and a drink at Vidikovac in Sarajevo — and the dinner comes with amazing views.


Singapore is a wonderful, entertaining, and inexpensive destination. Singapore is not the cheapest country in Southeast Asia, but there are plenty of ways to make it very reasonable, especially with the local cuisine and cheap hotels in the heart of the city. Hawker Chan’s soy sauce chicken rice is one of the few places in the world where you can have a Michelin-starred meal for $5 SGD. Hawker Chan is a food stand in Singapore’s Chinatown Complex hawker centre, which is the country’s largest. Other hawker centres in Singapore, such as Satay By The Bay, Lau Pau Sat (also known as Telok Ayer Market), and Maxwell Road, provide additional delicious affordable street cuisine.

Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown is a small settlement in New Zealand’s South Island.

Although Queenstown is a small town, there are many wonderful sites to visit in and around it. First and foremost, Queenstown is situated on the shores of Lake Wakatipu. The lake is surrounded by mountains, and it is really stunning. A must-do while visiting Queenstown is to watch the sun set from the edge of the lake! Queenstown is also home to the Remarkables Mountain Range. The towering mountain peaks, which are frequently snow-covered, have become a symbol of Queenstown. In the summer, you can go hiking in the Remarkables to areas like Lake Atla (or Dimrill Dalea to Lord of the Rings aficionados), and in the winter, you can go skiing in the Remarkables.


Madeira is an island in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Africa that is part of the Macaronesia Archipelago. It is known as the island of eternal spring because of its wonderful climate. There are an increasing number of low-cost airlines offering affordable flights to Madeira. These are usually connecting flights, which allow vacations in Madeira to be conveniently coupled with sightseeing in other cities, such as Lisbon. So, if you’re in Lisbon or Porto, this is definitely your greatest chance to explore Madeira on the cheap!

The main attractions are all free, such as the Cabo Giro Skywalk, the trip to Pico Ruivo, and the spectacular Ponta de Sao Lourenco.

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