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You need a pram if your child is under four years old or is travelling with you. But when you travel, your standard pram might not be the greatest option. The models of today are enormous, with plenty of storage, wide canopies, and sturdy wheels for rough terrain. Not the best to bring in and out of a hotel or to cram into trains, aircraft, or cars. A travel pram is a scaled-down, more compact pram with a frame that can collapse and be folded up tightly. Some strollers, like umbrella strollers, fold only once into a long, narrow piece. Choose the Best Travel Stroller for your child.

Joolz AER Compact and Lightweight Pram

The Joolz Aer has a wonderful appearance, rolls well, and has lots of padding for the small rider within. But none of those features on their own can be said to distinguish it from the other strollers we reviewed. What really won us over was the best travel stroller amazing compactness and portability when folded.

Simple one-handed folding can be accomplished by simultaneously pressing two buttons and moving the device forward. (It should be noted that unfolding appears to take two hands.) The Joolz Aer folds into a far more compact and manageable container than many of the best travel system stroller on this list.

Additionally, the Joolz Aer incorporates certain functional design elements. A mesh ventilation/peek-a-boo window is revealed when the huge canopy is unzipped, providing adequate coverage. An easily adjustable strap that, like the peek-a-boo window system, can be stylishly tucked away when not in use allows the seat back to recline.

The pram rolled easily over all of the surfaces we tried it on, including hardwood, tile, carpet and gravel. The grip bar is padded and smooth. It also handled pivots and U-turns without any trouble. We pushed it off a table and dropped it from waist height, but it was unharmed.

Price as of publication: $449

The Specifics: 50-pound weight limit; 14.1 pounds; 41.5 x 32.75 x 17.75-inch assembled size; 8.5 x 21 x 17.75-inch folded size

Runner-upThe 2022 Nuna TRVL Lightweight Stroller

When folding and collapsing the Nuna Trvl during testing, it seemed as though a spring-loaded mechanism had initiated the operation for us and made it simpler. That kind of useful information is valued by any parent or carer. And folding was a simple, one-handed technique that took little time. 

The canopy includes a peek-a-boo window and is well ventilated, and the strap clasp is magnetic to save a little time. The bottom storage compartment, which is on the bigger side for a best travel stroller, may easily accommodate a backpack. The pram glided effortlessly on every surface we tested. There was no discernible difference between rolling over the smooth hardwood or the shag carpet, and it managed gravel without any problems. 

Price as of publication: $500

The Specifics: 50-pound weight limit; 15.4 pounds; 41 by 26 by 20.5 inches when completed. 11 by 27.25 by 20.25 inches when folded;

Stroller Kolcraft Cloud Plus

Many new parents feel sticker shock when they first see the price tags on best travel stroller. Because they are so frighteningly pricey. It is not the Kolcraft Cloud Plus. While it may not be the most attractive of the group. It folds quickly and can even be done with just one hand with little practise and coordination. We appreciate that one-handed unfolding is an option.

The Cloud Plus is shaped somewhere between a regular and a best travel stroller and an umbrella. It doesn’t collapse quite as compactly as most of the other strollers we’re testing. We love how light it is. But it’s not as portable as other options. Because it doesn’t fold down tiny enough to fit in an overhead bin and lacks a strap or handle.

The ride is not the smoothest, but it is manageable. During the durability test, the tray became unclasped, but no actual damage occurred. Overall, the Cloud Plus is a great value because of its superb price-to-performance ratio.

Price as of publication: $80

The Specifics: 50-pound weight restriction; 11.8 pounds; 38 by 27 by 18 inches when completed; 10 by 33 by 17.5 inches when folded

All-City Stroller GB Qbit+

We were reminded of the Nuna Trvl by the GB Qbit+ All City, but it was considerably less expensive. The canopy, which is not particularly attractive or broad, and the fact that it is a little heavier and lacks a real carrying strap are the only areas where the pram fell short of the Nuna model. Nevertheless, there are many wonderful aspects of the Qbit. The straps are simple to buckle and unbuckle, and folding only requires one hand. 

In terms of manoeuvrability, it turned sharply and tightly and rolled well on all of our testing surfaces. This travel pram is for you if you want something that is comparable to and nearly as nice as the Nuna Trvl.

Price as of publication: $380

The Specifics: 17.6 pounds, 41 by 24 by 17 inches when completed, 10.5 by 23 by 16.5 inches when folded, and a maximum weight of 54.8 pounds.

Pushchair: UPPAbaby MINU V2

The Minu boasts several features that UPPAbaby fans are accustomed to, such as an unstructured rear storage pocket, a locking clasp to keep the stroller folded, and a superb canopy, but unlike the company’s G-Luxe and G-Link models, this one is not an umbrella stroller. In fact, we believe that results in a better travel pram. 

The Minu can be folded up much more quickly and compactly than previous UPPAbaby models. One hand folding is possible, but remember that the canopy must be tucked in after folding. The carrying strap is comfortable to wear over the shoulder.

The Minu fared satisfactorily in terms of manoeuvrability. Although it felt a little heavy to push and didn’t spin nearly as tightly as the Joolz or Nuna, it handled the gravel really well. When we pulled the pram off the table, a canopy rod popped out of its position, but we were able to restore it quite quickly.

Price as of publication: $450

The Specifics: 50-pound weight restriction; 14.75 pounds; 41 by 31 by 20.5 inches when built; and 12 by 22.5 by 20.25 inches when folded

Stroller Babyzen YOYO2

While not very challenging, folding the Babyzen Yoyo 2 required two hands and was a little more complicated than with some other strollers. Except for a few occasions when we saw our feet getting trapped in straps, unfolding is rather simple. We adore how portable this pram is, despite the slightly disappointing folding and unfolding.

There are wonderful features on the Yoyo 2. Although the recliner is a little difficult to use, the seat padding is particularly plush, and it reclines three-quarters of the way back to horizontal. A small bag can fit in the storage basket underneath and the pocket on the rear. 

Price as of publication: $449

The Specifics: 40-pound weight restriction; 14.7 pounds; 41 x 28.8 x 17-inch assembled size; 8 x 20 x 16-inch folded size.

The Double Uppababy G-Link Stroller

This twin pram folds with surprising simplicity for such a large device. None of us expected it, but we were even able to do it one-handed with a little effort. It requires a little more effort to unfold because the locking clasp must be forcefully released. The G-Link 2 is not the most portable double pram when folded.

A small bag or pocketbook can also fit in the undercarriage basket. The seats include thick cushioning that extends to provide the riders with a kind of calf rest. The seat backs feature two recline positions and are really simple to change. The straps clasp effortlessly and have many height possibilities. Best travel stroller can provide you best service.

Price as of publication: $350

The Specifics: 55-pound weight restriction per seat; 21.8 pounds; 41 by 25 by 28.25 inches when constructed; 14 by 40 by 17.5 inches when folded;

Libelle Compact Stroller by Cybex

The Cybex Libelle Stroller has a modern appearance and folds down into a compact size for storage. This pram is relatively simple to unfold, making it ideal for families on the road. Pram offers a smoother ride over most terrain because to its easier-to-turning wheels than some other types.

This pram lacks additional compartments or cupholders due to its straightforward design, but it is still an excellent alternative for travelling because it is lightweight and small enough to fit in most aeroplane overhead bins. 

Price as of publication: $240

The Specifics: 55-pound weight restriction; 13.7 pounds; 41 x 20 x 20-inch constructed size; 8 x 22 x 14-inch folded size

Butterfly Seat Stroller by Bugaboo

The Bugaboo Butterfly Seat Stroller navigates all types of terrain with ease, including rough terrain, steep curbs and sharp curves. We enjoyed how easy it was to push the pram, even with one hand, thanks to the lightweight structure and sophisticated four-wheel suspension. The baby was kept in place and the seat remained sturdy over bumps and shocks thanks to the wheels. 

The stroller’s capacity for packing and travelling equally amazed us. The Butterfly is simple to transport and can even be hoisted in the air to fit in an overhead compartment of an aeroplane because to its light weight of little over 16 pounds and compact dimensions when folded down.

Price as of publication: $449

The Specifics: 16.1 pounds, a folded size of 17.7 x 9.1 x 21.3 inches, and a weight restriction of 48.5 pounds.

Super-compact Silver Cross Jet 3 Stroller

We could certainly wax poetic about the elegant design and silky-smooth manoeuvrability of this pram, but what is our favourite aspect? converting into a rolling suitcase with ease. This item can easily be folded into the shape of a suitcase and glides across surfaces both when folded and unfolded, indicating that it was designed to be used in flight.

The Jet 3 best travel stroller sleek, fashionable, and essentially bulk-free design will win you over even if you don’t exactly need all of its practical functions.

Price as of publication: $500

The Specifics: 55-pound weight restriction; 13.6 pounds; 35.4 x 17.7 x 39.5 inches when constructed; 7.1 x 11.8 x 21.6 inches when folded

Shapes Itsy

The tiny and handy Contours Itsy may be the pram for you if you prefer to live simply. It comes almost entirely constructed out of the box; all that needs to be done is to quickly snap the bumper bar into place. It’s also a no-frills choice, so there are no cup holders or bulky baskets to add weight, take up room, or complicate things. 

Price as of publication: $170

The Specifics: 11.3 pounds, 32 by 39 by 18.2 inches when completed, and a 40-pound weight limit

Stroller model: Baby Jogger City Tour 2

Although it wasn’t nearly as effortless as it was with some of the others, folding this pram was rather straightforward. It took some practise to get used to the unfolding procedure, which was also a little tricky. What features of the Baby Jogger City Tour 2 do we like? It performed admirably on the majority of our tests, had a fair price, and steered very well on all terrains.

But it didn’t fit in our overhead bin, and we would have preferred to have a shoulder strap. The drawstring used to move the seat back forward and backward is simple to operate, and the seat back reclines considerably. The straps function properly and can be adjusted to various height levels. The seat has a nice structure and good padding.

Price as of publication: $370

The Specifics: 45-pound weight limit. 14 pounds; 40 by 26 by 20 inches when completed; 7 by 22.5 by 19.5 inches when folded.

Jordan G-Luxe Pram by UPPAbaby

The first thing to keep in mind is that umbrella strollers can only fold in one dimension. Creating a shape that is both long and narrow, just like an umbrella. Before purchasing a best travel stroller, you should consider what you want. The other strollers on this list fold down via many joints and in multiple directions for a smaller and more squarish package; neither is necessarily superior.

The folding is easy once you understand it, but the button and ring arrangement is a little annoying. The G-Luxe’s features, however, are quite great, as they are with other UPPAbaby items. A convenient cup holder is featured, and the large canopy provides additional sun protection.

Price as of publication: $200

The Specifics: 55 pounds weight limit; 16.5 pounds; 42.5 by 23.5 by 18.5 inches when built; and 15 by 41 by 11.75 inches when folded.

The Traveller Zoe

This simplistic design will work if you’re packing a family trip and need a straightforward, lightweight travel pram. The wheels and bumper bar click into place in just a few minutes, and assembly is remarkably simple.We appreciate that it has a washable seat liner that can be removed after a journey to keep it clean and odor-free. The canopy includes a peek-a-boo feature on top and can be expanded by unzipping it, allowing you to check on your child without having to stop. 

We didn’t even need instructions to figure out how to do it because it is so simple. This may even be folded and unfolded with only one hand, making it ideal for quick trips.

Price as of publication: $249

The Specifics: 13 pounds, a maximum weight of 45 pounds, with measurements of 41 by 30 by 18 when assembled and folded.

Stroller by Thule Shine

I never put together a pram before, but I found this to be quite easy! Going from the inbox to being prepared to roll took 10 minutes and 6 seconds. The only thing I had a little trouble with was putting the cover on because of how awkwardly it hooks into the sides. The only time I needed assistance was when our production manager noticed a latch to assist me in folding out the seat area. There were no tools required to put it together, and everything had a gratifying “click” when positioned and pushed in right. It would have taken me no more than a minute to hunt up the right process, even though I could have easily figured it out from the instructions. This is simple enough for any adult to assemble.

Price as of publication: $200

The Specifics: 55 pounds weight limit; 16.5 pounds; 42.5 by 23.5 by 18.5 inches when built; and 15 by 41 by 11.75 inches when folded.

Buying a Travel Pram: Some Advice

Be mindful of the folded size

A travel pram should pack up more compactly than a standard pram, which is the main distinction between the two. You want it to take up as little room as possible in railway or aeroplane compartments or vehicle trunks.

Keep in mind the features and storage available

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice convenience because your travel pram is a more compact and scaled-down version of your regular pram. For small bags, toys, snacks, etc., best travel stroller still have some storage capacity. Your baby’s seat should be soft, cosy, and able to recline; look for a canopy that provides adequate coverage and simple-to-use buckles and straps.

Put safety and comfort first

At the end of the day, your youngster needs to feel secure and at ease in the pram. Look for reclining, well-padded seats. Check to see if the straps don’t appear to be going to cut into your baby’s chest or shoulder, and note if there are leg rests. 

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