International Travel Agency - A Complete Solution To Tour

International Travel Agency – A Complete Solution To Tour

With things reverting to normal it is only a matter of time before travellers once again hit the roads and take to the skies. With new and exotic destinations being opened up every day international travel is a go for many globetrotters. A good international travel agency is equipped with manpower and resources to cater to the new generation of people waiting to explore.

A travel agency encompasses the office or firm of a travel agent where all goods and services associated with travel are coordinated for the smooth operation of the business. An international travel agency offers an absolute solution to all travel problems. It plays a formidable role in the tourism sector. It is entrusted with the development and promotion of tourism in any country. They are appropriately referred to as a country’s “image builders.”

International travel is definitely on the rise. The number of searches for overseas leisure packages increased by more than 35% in July compared to the previous month. Students currently form a bulk of passengers travelling abroad for studies. The business travellers follow this.

Problems faced by every traveller

Many times we think of travelling abroad but the hassle of finding the right hotel, food transportation causes havoc on a budget and travel plans. We thereby end up paying more, enjoying less and the whole purpose of the trip is simply wasted.

Travelling internationally is more complicated than travelling within your country. We have to clear certain issues even before we consider travelling overseas. Not everyone is adept at planning a perfect vacation. In general, people who occasionally travel will find themselves at a loss as to how to plan their journey. They are at their wit’s end and feel helpless while planning a holiday.

Everyone at one point of the time or the other may have nurtured a secret desire to go on a foreign trip. But at the same time may have doubts regarding your destination or the places you wish to travel to. It is much easier to take the help of a travel agency specialising in international travel to take care of your doubts. These travel agencies have always been an integral part of the travel and tourism industry. They are responsible for more than 90 international and 70% of domestic travel. The travel agency will save you from unnecessary stress. They are more than competent in dealing with your plans and ensure that you have a smooth journey free from worries and tension. 

Benefits of an international travel agency:

It is always beneficial to use the services of a travel agency-

  • Expert assistance- Travel agencies have experts who can properly guide you. These experts possess the requisite knowledge and training to analyse your travel plans more efficiently. Experience and knowledge gathered over the years make them the best in their fields. They also provide valuable suggestions which will make your vacation all the more worthwhile. The travel agency operates with a large network of local people. Thus they can provide valuable insights which you may have a hard time searching for on any online website.
  • Saves on time – Let the agents, who are much more qualified than you, take care of all your worries and needs . Many travellers do not have the time or inclination to do a thorough search on the internet to plan their vacation accordingly. They rather are doing something else than spend hours on the internet. Travel agencies are there to do all your research and come up with the best travel plans keeping your criteria and dates in mind. Their team of professional experts have the necessary skills to handle this task. 
  • Convenience- No one can deny the fact that travel agencies look after your needs well. In fact, they are an alone stop solution for all your exigencies. Travel agents carefully look into each aspect of your vacation right from booking flights, to hotels, to sightseeing. They ensure that you have a smooth and convenient journey. They also coordinate and discuss the travel ternary with you to eradicate unnecessary lapses. 
  • Best deals- Travel agencies do not operate alone. In fact, they have extensive connections with travel suppliers all over the world. Thus they are privy to exclusive deals which they extend to their clients. Moreover, they design your travel plans depending on your budget. Large scale travel agencies provide a complete package. It includes picking up and dropping off passengers, sightseeing and providing information.
  • Design to cater to individual whims– The travel agencies work for individual clients. Thus they are always there to assist you in case you confront any difficulty or wish to modify your plans. The travel agent is forever present to listen to your grievances and help you in every possible way. This is all the more necessary when you are travelling overseas and unable to speak the local dialect.
  • Provide value for money– One of the best treats of booking with a travel agency is that it is likely that you end up saving a lot more. Travel agencies have linkages with major hotels, car rentals, which from time to time offer special rates and discounts. You can easily avail the discounts which they have to offer. You might have to pay a meagre amount as a service charge since 95% of the revenue comes from the commission. 
  • Authenticated documents– International travel entails a large variety of documents. This at times proves confusing for first-time travellers. Travel agents inform the applicant about the necessary documents required and also aid them in obtaining a visa. 
  • Currency exchange– Some travel agencies especially those sanctioned by the governments perform an additional task of providing currency exchange services to travellers. Visitors travelling to foreign countries are required by law to exchange foreign currency for the host country’s  urgency. Travel agencies perform this function in place of a minimum commission. 
  • Insurance– Some of the major international travel agencies also provide travel insurance to their clients. Travel insurance safeguards the clients from baggage losses, medical treatment, trip cancellation and other related issues. 


Thus with the growing popularity of international destinations more and more people are travelling to offbeat places like Seychelles, Mongolia, Balkan. They want to enjoy a lifetime experience. HOWEVER, to do so you must place your trust in an international travel agency dedicated to world class travel. A travel agency has the necessary resources to make us feel comfortable and safe while travelling.

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