One Day Trip - Refresh Your Mind And Soul

One Day Trip – Refresh Your Mind And Soul

The escalating cost and hassles of planning an elaborate vacation dissuades many of you from taking a long holiday vacation. For them, a one day trip is convenient. We all lead a very hectic schedule. Working all day and thereafter attending to our family needs takes a toll on our health and mental stability. The pressure and stress makes us feel irritable following the same old routine day in and day out. This does not mean that we cannot break away from our daily grind and find the time to take a day trip to recharge our batteries. A one day trip does not stretch a budget too much. Moreover day trips and local gateways give us the much needed boost. 

According to some Psychologists it is not the length of your vacation that matters but how productively you use it. They call this the peak and bias theory. The theory resonates with the view that you only remember the peaks of your experience at the end of your trip but categorically tend to forget the duration. A short day trip should be a necessary part of your repertoire. 

Kolkata, the City of Joy, combines the best of historical and cultural elements. This amazing city offers the best attractions for the travel trotters from all over the world. However, the explorer in you may not be satiated with what the city has to offer. Your free spirit may wish to venture to an unknown, offbeat destination to imbibe its local flavour. For all those adventures out there here is a list of probable places you can surely visit:

  • Fishing at Baburhat
  • Boat ride at Diamond Harbour
  • Tarakeshwar, a much visited pilgrimage spot for ardent devotees.
  • Sundarbans, a treat for wildlife lovers.
  • Taki for a mesmerising experience.


Given a chance to escape from the monotonous routine of daily lives you can sneak out a day to visit Taki. Once the hub of the rich Zamindars it has now become one of the most sought after tourists looking for an offbeat gateway. Not only does it share its border with Bangladesh it also has a rich history. It houses a few palatial mansions. However, the majority of them are now in ruins. Its closed proximity to the mangrove forest of Sundarbans is also a major draw. To summarise, Taki poses the perfect spot for nature lovers, historians, architects and food lovers alike.

Taki is a border town located on the banks of the Ichamati river under Hasnabad Police station of Basirhat sub-division. It is approximately 70 kms from Kolkata. 


Taki is located approximately 70 kms from Kolkata. Close proximity to Kolkata makes it an ideal location for a day long trip. It is also easily reachable by car, bus or train. 

How to reach

By car – If you wish to travel by car you can take Kolkata Malancha road from Science City and thereafter head on to the Malancha Basirhat highway. Alternatively, you can also reach Taki by going via Barasat Champadali. You will cross Berachampa and Basirhat on your way. 

By train – However, the best way to reach Taki is by catching the Hasnabad local from Sealdah Station getting down at Taki Road Railway station. 

By bus – There are a number of buses plying from Esplanade to Taki. Take any bus going towards Hasnabad from Esplanade or Shyambazar via Barasat. It roughly takes 2-3 hrs to travel by bus.

Main attractions

Ichamati river – Undoubtedly the main attraction of Taki is the Ichamati nadi. A boat ride in this river is a wonderful experience. Bangladesh is located on the opposite bank of the river. Boats of both nationalities (India and Bangladesh) bearing their respective flags float on this river. You can hire a river cruise boat if it suits your budget. A boat will take you as far as the middle of the river. From there you can catch a glimpse of Bangladesh on the other side.

The river is the centre attraction for boats from both sides of the border for the annual immersion of the goddess Durga. Hoards of people gather at the banks of the river to witness this secular event every year.

There are also a number of parks on the riverfront complete with watch towers and elevated platforms to offer a better view. 

Golpata forest(Mini Sundarban) – Golpata forest ideally called the mini Sundarban is another popular tourist spot. Their main attraction is the canopy of a jungle path consisting of Geowa and golpata trees. It directly leads to the banks of the river. It is mandatory to carry a photo id proof before venturing in since it is manned by the Border Security Force. 

Golpata forest is also the home of a large variety of birds. If you are lucky enough you can spot the Jungle Babbler or the Oriole. 

Kuleshwari Kalibari – For those among you who wish to combine pleasure with religion, visiting the Kuleshwari Kalibari is a must. The temple is devoted to the worship of devi Kali.

Puber Bari – Crumbling yet a beautiful structure kept under lock and key to prevent stray visitors.

The Roy chowdhury zamindar bari – It was the former home of the zamindars of Taki and still hosts the durga puja every year. It also happens to be the ancestral home of Sankar Roy Chowdhury, a former Army General. The zamindar bari encompasses a few temples and a nut mancha.

Jora mandir – As the name denotes it houses twin temples of Lord Shiva in aatchala style with a small pond in front. It dates back to over 300 years.

Taki Eco Park – Through a resort originally it has recently opened its door to the general public in acceptance of a fee. It has boating facilities and caged birds.

Machranga Island – Even a few years ago Machranga Island on the confluence of Ichamati and Vasa was a popular tourist destination. But the cyclone Amphan was destroyed completely. It has now been fully submerged.

Shooting spots – If you are a movie buff you can visit the spot where the shooting of the film Bishrjan has taken place. 

Time to visit

Taki can be visited all year round. Nevertheless, it draws a huge number of tourists to this place. The weather is perfect for picnicking with family and friends on the banks of the river Ichamati. The availability of jaggery or patali gur is an added bonus for food lovers. 

What to eat

The township is dotted with small restaurants offering the local freshwater fish. It is a must try out for Bengalis who swear on macher jhol bhat”. You can also try chanar malpua, a local delicacy.

A one day trip rejuvenates the mind and body and acts as a perfect stress buster. Therefore if you are planning a day long trip you can surely visit Taki.

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