Marco Polo Club – Know All The Basic Knowledge Of It

Marco Polo Club is a program that offers benefits and rewards to Cathay Pacific customers to enhance their traveling experience. Now it is in partnership with other airways too like Cathay Dragon and Asia Miles. At each flight, you will gain a particular number of Club points. The higher points you gain, the more you will gain benefits. This program was set up to gain the business of international airway Cathay Pacific. The customers will get more attracted to these airlines for their next trip.

Based on the Club points a passenger has attained, the membership is of different types. On achieving more Club points, their card will get ennobled. Below mentioned are the four types of membership card benefits.

  1. Marco Polo green: To get this card, at least 20 Club points are required. Extra baggage, extra-legroom seats, and lounge accessories are available for the passengers even if they are traveling in Asia Miles. Passengers will get more priority at the time of boarding. After 200 Club points, a free business lounge pass will be provided under the Marco Polo Club.
  2. Marco Polo silver: Minimum 300 Club points required for Marco Polo silver card. Only business class lounges will be marked on the plane. You will get more priority during check-in counters, traveling companions, and boarding. Extra 10kg luggage allowance. After reaching 450 Club points, two business lounge passes are provided for you.
  3. Marco Polo gold: You need to achieve 600 Club points in order to attain this membership. The advantages of getting a Marco Polo gold card is access to all business class lounges, free extra legroom seats reserved before 24 hours of flight, more priority given during boarding, traveling companions, and check-in counters. 15kg extra luggage allowance is provided for you. At 800 Club points, another business lounge pass is provided for the member and at 1000 Club points, you get upgrades for your cabin during the flight.
  4. Marco Polo diamond: Minimum of 1200 Club points for attaining a Marco Polo diamond card membership. This is the highest benefit card for a Marco Polo Club. You will be provided the best priority during boarding, traveling companions along with first class lounge access. You can also carry an extra 20 kgs luggage while traveling.

But to get a membership card, you first need to join the Marco Polo Club online. Here are the steps to enroll yourself in the Club.

  1. First, go to the Cathay pacific web page and click on the application page. 
  2. Enter the Asia miles number. If you don’t have any, then by signing up you will easily get enrolled in Asia miles as well. 
  3. Enter all the given details. 
  4. Read the terms and policies properly and accept them. 
  5. In the payment method, you need to pay $100 in order to become a member. 
  6. Now you are an official member of the Marco Polo Club for 12 months. 

But the question that arises is “how do you earn the Club points?”. “What are the rules for following the Marco Polo Club membership?” Well look no further. Here is all the basic knowledge you can read about it. 

  1. The longer the flight, the more Club points you earn: The longer flights usually have a higher rate of tickets. But it is worth it too because you are gaining more Club points rather than a short flight. 
  2. You need to pay $100 every year: Marco Polo Club membership is not free. First, to get the membership you need to pay the initial payment which lasts only for one year. Then to reactivate your benefits again you need to pay the same amount which also lasts for one more year. If you leave paying for a year, your membership will expire. 
  3. Try to hire more expensive facilities: Usually, the Club points increase when you buy extra expensive facilities like a business class lounge and extra luggage. Economy class flight doesn’t give many benefits to the increase in Club points. At first, you need to pay more, but once you reach for the Marco Club diamond you will get a lot of advantages. 
  4. Traveling in its partner airways at least once a year: In order to maintain the membership, you need to travel at least once in the Cathay pacific or Cathay dragon flight. It also increases your Club points rapidly. For example, if you travel between Melbourne and Hongkong through Cathay pacific airways, you will receive 70 points. But if you travel the same route through other airways, say Qantas, you may receive only 60 Club points which are fewer compared to its partner flight. 
  5. Link Marco Polo Club member number while booking: While booking, you need to link your membership number to the flight in order to show the proof that you belong to the this club. By this, the benefits which are going to be provided to you will be ready 24 hours prior to the flight. 
  6. Starting again after an upgrade: When the card membership changes, whether you got upgraded or degraded all your points will reach zero. Suppose if you attained Marco Polo silver with your 300 points, then your Club points degrade to zero and for reaching the golden spot, you again need to gain more than 600 points for Marco Polo golden Club. That is why achieving the Marco Polo diamond membership is not an easy task. After becoming the gold member, achieving more than 1200 Club points will give you a Marco Polo diamond membership. 
  7. Easily contact members: If you feel any error in your account, immediately contact the authorities. There are a lot of contact details mentioned on the website. Also, you can file a complaint regarding any negative behavior or facility by the flight attendants and they will never ignore it if the complaint is from a Marco Polo Club member. 

Although you need to start from scratch to attain all the Marco Polo Club memberships, if you achieve the highest rank, you will have a lot of beneficial facilities. This is an advantageous program for those who usually travel a lot.

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