Plan Galapagos Tours To Explore The Best Wildlife

Plan Galapagos Tours To Explore The Best Wildlife

Galapagos is an island in the Pacific Ocean. It is one of the world’s beautiful places to view wildlife. It is an unique Island ecosystem. The Galapagos is located near the equator yet they receive cool ocean currents. It is a strange mix of tropical and temperate climate. There are 30 major islands and a few smaller islands which make up the Galapagos Island. The largest Island of all is Isabela. Volcanic eruptions are the major reason to form the rugged mountain landscape of Galapagos island. It is a beautiful and very expensive place to visit. Galapagos tours are attractions for travelers.

This Galapagos Island is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It consists of a variety of plant and animal species. The wildlife there is high in demand and it is important for tourism. There are many species found in this island which can never be found anywhere else in the world. The Galapagos Islands have a one-of-a-kind ecosystem due to its environmental circumstances. The ecosystem is diverse and dynamic. Every person will wish to reach out to this island to enjoy a fresh ecosystem. 

Everyone finds interest in tours and travel. Everyone wishes to go far around to places to spend time with friends, family and spouse. Tour to a beautiful isolated island with pleasant weather and excellent ecosystem is what everybody wishes to go. There are many people who visit Galapagos and enjoy the scenic beauty and wildlife ecosystem. They enjoy watching the creatures which are absolutely unique to one’s eye. There is vegetation which could enhance the beauty of this island. Many renowned scientists such as Charles Darwin had visited these places. Many researchers have enjoyed the scenic beauty and ecosystem to make useful theories. 

Let’s have a look at the beauty and importance of the Galapagos tours. 

  • Favourable climate: The climate of Galapagos Island is characterized by low rainfall, low humidity and relatively low air and water temperature. There is a rainy season from January to May and cool dry cloudy Misty season from July to November. It has a peculiar climate as it is located near the equator in the Pacific Ocean. The coastal areas are arid and they experience low rainfall. It is a tropical destination with a relatively hot climate. 
  • Wonderful animals and different kinds of species: There are innumerable theories existing for natural flora and fauna in Galapagos. The species existing there are not present because of diversity but because of evolving specific traits. The place is a remote,  harsh area where ‘survival of the fittest’ exists. This place is a unique destination because one experiences different things on Galapagos tours. The wildlife existing there do not fear humans. There are 9000 species found on the island and the water and many of them are endemic. There are many species. I’ll list a few prominent and famous creatures. So they are: 
    1.  Galapagos tortoises: It is the most famous species here because Galapagos actually means tortoise in Spanish .
    2. Marine iguana: Galapagos consists of this species and it is the only marine iguana left on earth. These animals are herbivorous and feed on algae. They do not harm anyone. These animals are excellent swimmers. They are vulnerable species and on the verge of extinction.
    3. Galapagos finches: One can find It on Central and western highlands and is one of the prominent species.
    4. Galapagos penguin: The smallest penguin existing in the world. It is entirely unique to the island; it is one of the most endangered creatures on the earth. 
    5. Galapagos sea lions: This is one of the major attractions of the Galapagos Island. It is the largest Marine mammal on the island and with a population of around 50000. Its nature is too playful and is one of the noisy creatures. It is quite adorable and unique to the island.
    6. Magnificent frigatebird: Male bird is quite attractive as compared to female Bird. This bird is not unique to Galapagos Island. 
    7. Sally Lightfoot crabs: They look very attractive on the rocks as they have brightly coloured bodies. 
    8. Land iguanas: There are many species of land iguanas in Galapagos Island. These are herbivorous and can and have a good life span that is up to 60 years.
    9. Galapagos green turtles:  This is one of largest sea turtles in the world. It weighs up to 600 pounds. These turtles are endangered species and most of the beaches are closed because of nesting.

So these were a few creatures which can be a part of your tour and you can enjoy watching these unique animals.

  • Galapagos National park: Almost 97% of this island is a national park to visit. It has been declared as a national park and the water bodies as UNESCO biosphere reserve. There are places for visitors and travelers to reside. There are well maintained hotels, restaurants. Tourism in this area is well maintained.
  • Active volcanoes: There have been active volcanoes in this Island over the past hundred years. You can find Pink iguanas in these areas. Watching a volcanic eruption in the Galapagos tour is one of the fascinating experiences as it is the most important part of island formation. It appears so beautiful as nature does its work and shows a beautiful view. 
  • Every season of the year is a beautiful time to visit: The island in every season is lush green, tropical, and arid. Rainfall occurs during hot seasons. The dry season is comparatively cooler. You can get great deals and offers throughout the year. At specific times of the year there are special offers. 
  • Enthusiastic experience: You can watch giant turtles and smallest creatures everywhere. Those seem to be very unique and attractive. Watching giant turtles walking will fascinate you. You can swim through many sea creatures. You can see beautiful nature and animals there. The marine life is just wow. There are 800 species of molluscs and 400 species of fish. There are exciting activities such as the Post office bay.
  • Galapagos vegetation: there exists three zones of vegetation: coastal zone, arid zone and highlands. 
    1. Coastal zone consists of tolerance to salty conditions. Mangroves are the most prominent plants you can find in this zone. They are very important and also provide shady regions for iguanas and sealions. 
    2. Dry area consists of plant species which can stand strong in drought conditions. They include succulent cacti, leafless shrubs and flowers. 
    3. Humid zones are rich in lush green vegetation. These are found on higher islands. There are dense forests in these regions. 

These are some tourist attractions and beautiful sites in the Galapagos tours. 

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