The 12 Best Winter Vacation Spots in Switzerland

Switzerland does not have snow all year, therefore winter is a particular time to visit if you want to see snow. It has a mild climate in general. Their winters are definitely milder than ours!

Mountains and high-altitude places are different; in the winter, they are mostly covered in snow. However, cities and towns are milder; you will see snow and it will be cold, but not bitterly cold (temperatures for ideal destinations do not fall below – 15 degrees Celsius).

Zurich: Festive Cheer, Shopping & Dining

I just adore Zurich! Zurich is one of Switzerland’s most beautiful cities. In the winter, the mediaeval old town, or Altstadt, is extremely lovely. Streets, stores, and tourist attractions are all decked up with festive lights. Check out our Zurich itinerary for two days.

Top tourist attractions in the old town include the Fraumünster, Grossmünster, Lindenhof Hill, and, of course, Bahnhofstrasse. One of my favourite winter activities in Zurich is strolling the Bahnhofstrasse with a hot chocolate in hand, taking in the festive atmosphere. A modest Christmas food market (Werdmühleplatz) has been put up for the season and is a must-see.

Rapperswil: Visiting Christmas Markets in Switzerland

Rapperswil, a mediaeval village 30 minutes outside of Zurich and surrounded by Lake Zurich, is another mediaeval town. It is host to one of Switzerland’s most prominent Christmas markets.

The entire town is lit up, and the old town centre is transformed into a magical Christmas village with about 250 market stalls. Christmas decorations, gifts, and souvenirs can all be found here.

Musical events, choirs, carousel rides, and concerts are among the enjoyable activities for youngsters in the market area.

Visit Rapperswil Castle in addition to the Christmas markets. It is the city’s most famous attraction. The castle boasts a lovely rose garden that is worth seeing in the summer. The “City of Roses” is aptly named, and the vistas of Lake Zurich are breathtaking.

Zermatt: A Fairytale Resort Town

The picturesque town of Zermatt appears like something out of a fairytale. Zermatt is conveniently accessible from Zurich (4 hour train travel one way) and is a great place to visit for winter sports. One of the main reasons why mountaineers adore Zermatt is because of this. It’s convenient to go to the slopes and world-class skiing!

Don’t worry if you don’t like skiing. Consider taking a cable car ride into the Swiss Alps to take in the scenery up close and personal. You may take cable cars to the neighbouring mountains, something you should consider doing with your loved one.

SaasFee: Winter Sports Adventures

The Saastal, or Saas Valley, contains the ski village of Saas-Fee. It lies within the jurisdiction of the Swiss canton of Valais. From Zermatt, you can get to Saas-Fee. The distance between the two points is 50.9 kilometres.

Saas Fee is a must-see in the winter since it is as classic as a ski resort town gets, with beautiful accommodations, mountain vistas, and ice rinks and sports. However, it remains a hidden treasure and is not as crowded as Zermatt.

Bernina Express: Embark on a scenic train ride in the winter in Switzerland 

Switzerland’s train trips are breathtakingly beautiful. It’s even more beautiful in the winter. Imagine being wrapped into a blanket (in a train with massive glass windows) and drooling over the snow-dusted scenery and the sun’s bright rays.

This is a must-do for everyone looking for a relaxing romance trip. In Switzerland, there are numerous train routes that connect various tourist attractions. The Bernina Express is the most popular and well-liked. The Bernina Pass connects St. Moritz in Switzerland and Tirano in Italy on this train route.

The entire journey takes four hours one way. In the winter, the Bernina Express trains can be reserved for CHF10 per seat.

The Glacier Express offers breathtaking views of the Alps

Another notable scenic train line in Switzerland is the Glacier Express. And this one connects Zermatt and St. Moritz. You can go skiing and have a romantic weekend before continuing on to St. Moritz for additional outdoor activities.

The railway route offers breathtaking views of the Alps as it passes via bridges, icy valleys, tunnels, and the famed Oberalp Pass. The Swiss Pass includes picturesque roads such as the Glacier Express, Bernina Express, and Golden Pass.

More Winter Adventures in a Picture-Perfect Christmas Town in St. Moritz

St. Moritz is one of the most beautiful winter destinations in Switzerland. The closest airport to St-Moritz is Lugano (LUG), which is 90.4 kilometres away. This town is notable for having held the Winter Olympics twice, in 1928 and 1948.

During the winter, St. Moritz changes into a snowy wonderland, and the entire town is transformed into a picture-perfect Christmas town with the addition of festive illuminations. If you don’t ski, there are plenty of other things to do in St Moritz.

To begin, stay at a (ski) resort with breathtaking mountain views. It’s a dreamy winter resort with its gorgeous alpine landscape, mountain lakes, and glaciers, and softly sprinkled snow.

The Jungfrau region is Europe’s highest point

The Bernese Oberland region of Switzerland includes the Jungfrauregion. It is famous for the Jungfraujoch, one of Europe’s most beautiful summits. The ‘Top of Europe,’ the continent’s highest railway station, is even more popular, drawing visitors to the region.

As a tourist destination, you can expect a lot of activity even in the winter. Winter sports (skiing, snowboarding) and magnificent mountain vistas draw the majority of visitors. At 3454 metres above sea level, this is an EPIC site to take in everything Switzerland has to offer: alps, snow and ice, and jaw-dropping scenery as far as the eye can see.

You can go on winter treks in and around Jungfrau, in addition to enjoying the scenery and skiing.

Winter bucket list: Château-d’Oex: Best Balloon Festival in Switzerland

The charming Swiss hamlet of Château-d’Oex hosts one of the top balloon festivals in the world. This charming celebration takes place at the end of January every year and lasts for nine days. So there’s yet another excellent thing to do in Switzerland during the winter!

The celebration attracts people from all over the world, and each country displays its gorgeous colourful balloons. The balloons fly about the town, which is surrounded by majestic mountains (it’s the alps!).

Lucerne: Take a tour of the city, which includes a chapel bridge and breathtaking vistas

Lucerne is one of the top winter destinations in Switzerland. For one thing, because it’s off-season, the city isn’t as congested, and hotels and AirBnbs are much more reasonable.

BONUS? You ask. Lucerne is beautiful, and the mesmerising snow-capped mountains are not far away if you glance up or venture a little outside of the city.

Christmas, in our opinion, is the best time to visit this wonderful city. So make your vacation in December or January to see the holiday lights (and accommodation fares). The historic Chapel Bridge is a must-see, and image how lovely it is lit up with glittering lights on a cold winter night.

Dine at the world’s highest revolving restaurant, Piz Gloria

Do you want to spend Christmas and New Year’s Eve at the world’s tallest revolving restaurant? Then the Piz Gloria is the place to be. It’s at the peak of the Schilthorn near Mürren, at a height of 2,970 metres (9,740 ft). Murren is located in Switzerland’s Bernese Oberland area.

From Mürren, a cable car takes you to Schilthorn. Celebrate with friends and family while taking in the scenery. There is also a viewing platform where you can take in the panoramic views.

The closest airport to Mürren is Berne, which is 49.5 kilometres distant.

Geneva: Winter outdoor and indoor fun

In Switzerland, Geneva is a fun place to visit. Geneva in the winter is ideal for individuals who enjoy spending time both outside and indoors. The adjacent Jura Mountains, which include three Alpine Ski Areas, have ice rinks and skiing opportunities. If this is your first time skiing, take a beginner class; it will be well worth your time.

The Jet d’eau fountain in Geneva is a must-see. Dress warmly because it can get chilly near the ocean.

If the cold is getting to you, visit the museums. First and foremost, the United Nations edifice, the Palais des Nations. Visit the Musee d’Art et d’Histoire if you adore history (like me) and discover all about primordial times.

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