The Top 10 Winter Vacation Spots

Summer is winding down in parts of North America and Europe, and many clever travellers are taking advantage of the cooler weather and less crowds in major cities like Paris, Amsterdam, and Barcelona. But, in a few months, when the days are short and frigid in the Northern Hemisphere, where are our travellers planning to go?

To uncover the solution, we looked at our winter bookings from the previous few years. Some of you brave souls are still visiting places like Rome, Tokyo, and New York City in the dead of winter, but ToursByLocals travellers seeking warmer climes have ten distinct favourites.

1. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Rio is going to be busier than ever this year! The Summer Olympics are expected to draw record crowds to the city, while Carnival is usually a hit. Our guides here will go out of their way to make you feel welcome whenever you visit.

2. Argentina’s Buenos Aires

Our Buenos Aires tour guides consistently receive great feedback, no doubt due to their pride in this beautiful, multicultural city. There is plenty to do in and around Buenos Aires, from tango lessons to days spent studying to be a “gaucho.”

3.Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai is genuinely unique, perched on the edge of a dune-strewn desert and boasting architectural marvels such as man-made islands and gravity-defying skyscrapers. Our tour guides can show you around the city’s cultural and natural wonders.

4.Mexico City

Mexico City is rich in pre-hispanic, colonial, and contemporary arts and culture, providing adventurous travellers with a richness of history to discover. Our advisors here have incredible knowledge; make sure you take use of it!

5.Bangkok, Thailand 

Bangkok is a place best experienced (and quickly loved!) with a professional guide who can show you about the crowded city and take you on day trips beyond its borders.

6.Hong Kong

Be bold! This is a big city, so expect a lot of excitement and a great day exploring its vibrant cultural scene with your guide. Foodies take note: Hong Kong’s Cantonese cuisine offers fantastic feasting options – especially when accompanied by an experienced guide!

7.Indonesian island of Bali

pura ulun danu bratan temple in Bali, Indonesia.

The mere mention of the name “Bali” makes us feel at ease. However, adventure is possible here as well: consider an early morning hike to see the sun rise.over the crater rim of a volcano… Your guide can accommodate every cultural or adventurous interest.


Singapore is a fascinating mix of Chinese, Malay, Indian, and Western cultures wrapped together in a neat package that sets it apart from other Asian cities. Whether your tastes lean to a Singapore Sling at the Raffles bar or noodles at a local night market, there’s something for everyone.

9.San Juan, Puerto Rico 

San Juan is the second-oldest colonial city in the Americas, having been founded in 1521. With a local tour, you may learn about fascinating forts, cathedrals, Spanish architecture, and a bustling Old Town, as well as excursions to neighbouring beaches and rainforests. Our local guides like their island and are happy to show you around.

10.Auckland, New Zealand

Many lovely aspects of New Zealand can be found in its compact, yet diversified, size.

Day trips from Auckland can be enjoyed. Glow-worm tunnels, wineries, beaches, volcanoes, and hot springs will make you wonder why we don’t all go to New Zealand.

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